v3i or k750i

    Which one of the above please and where are they to be found cheapest,pay as you go.


    K750i beats V3i hands down.

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    Thanks for that me old.
    Do you have experience of both???

    Yes, owned both and the V3i is a reasonable phone but just not as good as the K750i.

    Like many other V3i handsets mine died within the first 3 months.

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    Thanks for that .Maybe not as crazy as a horse after all!!!!!!!

    very pleased with my v3i. Had it 12months and not a single problem. Dont have a K750i, but my mate at work had to change his twice due to joy stick problems, but from what i can gather is a problem on a few sony phones

    Ive got the k750i, had it about 6 months, joysticks always been dodgy, but i love my phone still :-D

    My K700i developed a slight joystick problem after 2 years of constant texting. Never saw any problems on my K750i or W800i joysticks.

    If your budget can stretch to a W810i then you're on a winner. No joystick, just a direction pad with a mouse inside. Stops squeaking after a few months thank God.

    I have a V3i, my wife has a K750i. I much prefer the k750i, much better camera and screen.

    k750i joysticks mess up trust me

    No mobile is perfect but in the case of V3i vs K750i it's a no brainer.


    No mobile is perfect but in the case of V3i vs K750i it's a no brainer.

    yes your right its the v3i every time. Great size, great display, great battery life, and no joy stick problems.


    I have v3x and k750i and the motorola is pants in comparison for useability, connectivity and camera and general qualiy and robustness the k750i is strets ahead - I have had the k750i for nearly 2 years and it is still 100% no faults
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