Posted 1st Dec 2022
hi, just trying to understand which is better as computer monitor - VA panel vs IPS panel

any help? thanks
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    ips all day long, in fact its the only spec i must have everything else is flexible
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    ips for a computer monitor (better viewing angles). va for a tv (better contrast, deeper blacks).
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    IPS is my personal preference as everything looks bright and clear no matter how you are looking at it. Especially important if you’re getting multiple monitors.

    VA will give you a better level of contrast but you must view it straight on. The viewing angle will be very poor and if viewed from an angle the colors will be washed out.
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    Any recommendations/suggestion what brand or model I should go for - requirement is screen between 27 inch to 32inch
    IPS panel
    Must have usb and hdmi ports
    Not into games so not bothered

    Or if you did fancy paying a few more pounds for a faster response time and more focus on gaming then:…-b1

    Iiyama is generally a great option for an affordable but good quality monitor. And both meet your requirements for size and ports, with IPS Panel.
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    Agree with the comments above about IPS being desirable for your situation. Dell tend to make good IPS monitors, although they aren’t always the cheapest – though check out Amazon Warehouse. Other decent but cheaper makes include Iiyama and Lenovo – but quite often the panels come from the same manufacturers, so have a hunt for something that’s within your budget then Google the reviews.

    To future proof, I’d probably go for a 4K screen with USB ports. If you’re planning to use it with a laptop that can be powered over USB, look for one that supports this (effectively turning the monitor into a docking station). Built-in speakers can be a highlight on the spec sheet but IMHO they rarely turn out to be any good.
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    Everyone is saying IPS due to viewing angles. But I'd argue that you don't need to worry about viewing angles with a monitor, because you'll always view it head on, unlike a TV where you might not always sit infront of it.

    I find there is a wider quality spectrum with IPS panels, compared to VA panels - i.e. you can get some terrible looking IPS monitors. Samsung being the major brand for VA, tends to be less quality variance (edited)
    That's true you keep your head straight to watch on the monitor. If you don't want to be restricted then VA is best otherwise IPS seems to be the right option. Personal preference what you like and your need. I will stick with IPS for now, just after something brand wise and quality wise.
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    Those terms refer to just minor variations in the design of the LCD matrix - itself one of at least half a dozen layers of hardware that go into producing the final picture.

    The main thing those LCD variants differ in is viewing angles (which includes colour consistency between the edge and center) and contrast so if either is key to you then it might be worth paying attention to that.

    Otherwise, you can ignore them and focus on more important aspects.
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    It's a case of picking your poison, neither are perfect! I personally prefer IPS in a monitor for colour accuracy and not having that annoying smearing you get on VA panels. Then IPS has it's own quirks, mainly IPS glow in the corners.

    IPS are more expensive than VA too, especially when you get into the curved 34" Ultrawide area where options are very limited.

    OLED may soon put both to bed when they become more affordable, then they have quirks too... (edited)
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