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Found 7th Oct 2017
What an absolute nightmare company to deal with. I really would avoid like the plague.

After going back and forward with them for days, we were told we had booked flights to NYC with them for travel in 2 weeks time. At a much higher price than quoted via Momondo I might add. They were very insistent and pushed for the sale. We were happy with the flight times and proceeded to go ahead with the booking.
We had the email confirmation and had paid, to be phoned 24 hours later with what they described as bad news.
Yes the flights don’t exist, they lied and told me why were we stupid enough to book hotels and car parking based on the information they gave us! Erm you sold us flights and confirmed them.
The help they are offering is to call the people we booked the other parts with, to make them cancel non refundable bookings, because in their words they know how to.

Please if you are going to use them be aware that what they tell you isn’t always the truth.
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A quick google on this company brings up many bad reviews.
Apparently they don't use live flight availability or prices and often when they actually book them on your behalf they have gone up or have sold out.
Thanks for the heads up though.
Why do folks insist of trying to save a few quid by dealing with dubious companies ? Holidays , Flights , Villas - even stuff like phones from Chinese sellers - people try to save a few quid and end up getting stuffed . When will folks learn ?
If you can afford to lose your purchase ,holiday etc then Google the cheapest (anything can get on Google its no indication its safe !) . If you want to be sure - go with a trusted company you know -Simple - And that does not include Chinese sellers such as Banggood , EGlobal etc ,etc .

There are times to save a few quid and there are times to be sure you wont be ripped off . To be fair HUKD don't help , as many deals allowed to be posted on here (even by the staff !) often end in tears .
SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM ... I would never try to book with this company again ... tried to book their online price and then got told, those seats was sold out .. but they could ..... went on the website a few days after ... online price STILL available ... tried to book again ... and guess what ! ... those seats was still sold out but no changes made to the online price ..
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