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    hi i'm after some vacuum bags to help with storage (teddy bears, winter coats, spare duvets etc) i can see loads for sale on ebay etc, has anybody had any experience of these? is it a case of you get what you pay for or are they all the same,

    any help will be appreciated


    Poundland have them at £1 worth a check

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    Poundland have them at £1 worth a check

    do they, cracking, i'll give one a go,

    I usually get the proper space bags when they're on offer at Argos. I've found that the cheaper ones pound shop or scented ones from b&m are usually not the best to seal or have the best valves so after a short time they re inflate. I would go for decent ones as the cheaper ones are false economy that's how I've found it anyway x. Not on commission I promise lol x

    Yea I tried the ones from poundland, worth a go for a quid but ended up re-inflating after a short while and were useless in the end...

    I bought a pack of two from poundland and one gave up the first time i used it and the other still works perfectly but to add, I did buy a set of four some years ago that were not cheap and I had the same success rate with them....
    Just to help, remember that compacting your stuff to go away is fine but you need to be able to do the same in the hotel/villa that you are going to..

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    argos are half price at the moment so i have bought two of those, thks.…htm

    good tip mosskeeto, i'll remember that one, thanks

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