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    I have laminate flooring throught my house, atm i have a vax 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner which is a pain pulling about everywhere!
    i'm looking for an alternative, i have found 1 called Bissell Featherweight 2-1 which looks fab at only £30 Delivered, but does anyone know of any other good reliable diffrent brands but with this same kind of style.
    Thanks in advance x


    I sweep my laminate

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    I sweep my laminate

    yeah but i find all the dust goes eveywhere & i feel it just feels cleaner when vacuumed

    for the laminated floors i find a simple mop type with a static cleaning pad is the best, picks up all the rubbish. I find the vacuum cleaners move alot of the dust around due to the air exiting from the motor....... just my opinion of course.

    I vaccuum but use a swiffer (mop thing with a head for a cloth) for awkward places under table etc, I don't buy the proper refills either just use a microfibre cloth or whatever is to hand. My vaccuum is a Morphy Richards upright- quite heavy to lift but very easy to use on laminate as no friction.
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