Vacuuming the dog

    My son suggested this as a solution to my dog shedding all over the carpet.…om/

    Unfortunately, my dog is one of those who hides behind the sofa when I get the hoover out, so it might not work for him, but could be helpful for someone. If the RSPCA don't ban them first.
    Fits onto a Dyson, costs £40.


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    Aww.. did you see the vids of the dogs being groomed? What trojans.:D

    It's very pricey at £40 but I am seriously considering it, as it is so difficult finding the weather for grooming my dog outside in the winter.

    The site has good hints on how you can train your dog to get used to the hoover.

    Thanks for this heads up OP.


    Whats wrong with a brush?

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    Whats wrong with a brush?

    Nothing wrong with a brush. But on longish haired dogs brushing isn't always enough. We have a defurminator thing and you can literally get a carrier bag full of fur off the dog (and he doesn't look bald or anything!).


    Whats wrong with a brush?

    I have a brush, a comb and a furminator for grooming and they are effective but you get loads of mess with the fur and the dander; that's why I almost always groom Boris outside.

    This device looks like it could suck up all the mess and reduce the allergens that are floating about. I reckon about 50% of people that 'visit' here are allergic to them.
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    That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

    Like a dog would just sit there and be like, 'Oh it's dyson time, I love this part of the day. For being this nice, you don't have to walk me tonight!!'


    We just use the brush attachment on the dyson & it works well plus the dog loves it but hates us hoovering the floors
    Work that out lol

    Not exactly a new idea, there was a dog grooming attachment on kirbys

    I have just bought one!!

    I have tried all the other attachments on the upright and the hand held Dyson that I have but they just glide across the fur and don't 'suck it up'!!

    I am thinking that old Dyson is a genius so this attachment might just work.

    I hope I haven't wasted a packet. Went through TCB though.:D
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    Sounds like a euphemism

    The mind boggles at other possible new attachments.

    Average, they gave me one to try, its just like a slicker brush (they cost a few quid) but on press of a button the prongs retract allowing the hair to go up into the hoover, waaaaaaay over engineered, all i used to do was brush manually pull the fur off the brush and drop it onto the floor where i had the hoover hose running... this offers NO advantage over the old way i did it. If anything it makes it far far more clumsy to brush your dog, see the pic and imagine trying to maneuver that handle and hose as quick as a small brush........Way overpriced imo.
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