Valentine ideas for male and 5 year old, PLEASE

    Im off on holiday to oz for 3 weeks while leaving hubby and youngest at home, feeling awlful because im going to be away for valentines day, and we usually make it a big thing. So i thought i would leave them a bag of goodies each. Dose anyone have any suggestions please, hubby is not very soppy. Rep will be given



    OMG you lucky person, no ideas but i hope you have a fantastic time

    nintendo wii

    buy em a dog

    do they both support same team? buy em a ticket to a match

    omfg rep me already

    Some plane tickets so they can join you?

    A lifetime supply of loveheart sweets. And a trip to the dentist.

    boys night in larger for oh fizz for little one chinese meal from asda (or leave money in cards for takeaway) and if they have console a footy game

    what do they like doing together? maybe a really cool dvd or tickets to go somewhere boyish together? maybe diggerland or something like that? or perhaps you have a ski slope near you? maybe a lesson or two on that

    maybe book them a special days activities, something like swimming in the morning, a nice lunch somewhere with a play barn for the little un and maybe bowling or a good kiddie flick in the afternoon

    a weekend somewhere all inc or hb then he wont feel like hes missin a holiday ?? bout pontins keep it cheap lol

    Leave lots of sugary things to hype your child up on, and leave your husband to enjoy the adventure!

    how about some little notes (i went away in Nov to my mums with my 3 year old for 4 days-leaving OH and 8 year old behind and left notes in their knicker drawers, cereal box, in shoes, in with tea bags, on pillows...), some of their fav sweets, chocs, how about a dvd for your little fella, and perhaps a cuddly thing from you. For your OH some sexy knickers you promise to wear when you get home, some fav. smelly, a book (for the evenings you are away), an email and text message on the day-and a red rose-blokes like them too ! There was a posting on here the other day for a single red rose for about £5 delivered.

    Have a ball on holiday !
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