Valentines cards/gifts to australia

Found 8th Feb 2009
Simple really, need to send a card/gift to australia, but would be easier to just order off a website which can deliver to australia rather than ordering here and then posting.

So simple really anyone know a good website which would deliver to australia or anywehere in the world for a decent price, and has good service?
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Could use Moonpig Australia:

You won't be paying international postage costs that way
Thanks anywhere else?

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A nice gift store in Australia. It would be easier for you to use a store based in Aus to send a gift to someone there, I do the same thing with my US friends because the shipping is cheaper than to order with a store that does worldwide shipping. Good luck!
Btw, one of the testimonials is below, showing someone in US using it for the same reason as you.

'Thank you so much Martine!
I have to say, the service at your company has always been great!
I live in the US and have come to rely on you for all my family and friends gifts down under!
Lisa M - USA (Nov)
Thanks very much really appreciaed, rep added.
Guna have a proper look around later on but looks good so far

Could use Moonpig Australia: won't be … Could use Moonpig Australia: won't be paying international postage costs that way

you can just use as i always use them to send cards to family out in australia & they get their cards the next day :thumbsup:
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