Valentine's Day deals?

    Does anyone know of any good deals for roses to be delivered. Any other deals will do as well



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    Used M&S last year and the flowers were *****

    tesco - always deliver without fail

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    Aren't roses at Valentine's an absolute rip off! Why women fall for such a stupid holiday-to-fill-in-the-gap-between-christmas-and-easter is beyond me!

    I'm after 12 long stemmed red roses - cheapest I can find is about £45. Can anyone beat that?

    Just noiced a post (a bit before this one) for marks and spencer, 1 doz delivered for 19.50 if that helps

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    Thanks but to be honest, they're a load of ****! Got them last year and had to apologise to my gf because they where that bad! Very small and died after 3 days!!!

    If you really dont need delivery Id suggest going into store at the supermarkets - You can pick the nice ones and they are usually loads cheaper
    Get up early - pop to the shops and bring her fresh croisants, coffee, chocolates and roses in bed!!!
    Would earn major brownie points in my book - well maybe not brownie points but this is a family site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look on interflora. some beautiful roses on there a Dramatic Dozen £39.99 or if you're really flush you can buy 100 for £499.99!!!! lol
    Don't forget to use code february14 to get free delivery from the voucher section.:thumbsup:
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