valentines day sugestions?

    ive got to decorate the local school hall for a fundraiser for valentines on a budget of about zero!! any ideas, or does any one know of any stores that give away their valentines decorations after the big day as the fundraisers not until the 18th feb ?


    Diffferent Red wallpaper's cut into hearts and hung from the ceiling.

    Asda usually do as they normally put them in the skip

    Asda usually do give them away as they are normally put in the skip !

    Just get onto managers at local shops and speak to them, tell them you doing a fund-raiser. Try biggies, ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys plus card shops.


    a massacre.

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    ty all will try that x

    just get a bucket of pigs blood

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    im sure the kids would love that!

    Carrie might?

    line the walls with dildos and nipple tassles


    Does anyone want to take my girlfriend out on valentines day? I really can't be arsed. No sex.


    line the walls with dildos and nipple tassles

    you should do one of those home makeover shows!!
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