Valid Mobile Number ?

    Hi guys,

    For the last week, I have been text about 15 times from this number :


    It's either a load of random letters or blank texts.

    I've text back to ask who it is, but get another load of random letters back.

    Is this a valid UK mobile number (075 prefix ?) - if so, which network ?

    Don't want to ring it incase it's one of these premium rate number things !!




    Hiya, do be careful of texting or ringing back of any strange numbers, it can be a high rate number. I hope you manage to get this solved.

    thats an o2 number, i know because i can text it and i have no credit but free texts to o2

    I've just rang it from work phone and it rang for about 30 seconds and went through to 02 messaging service. Hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    Cheers fella's - Now thats good to hear


    Cheers fella's - Now thats good to hear

    i have plenty more free texts to use if need be ;-)

    Taken from here handy for checking what network was first registered to.

    The number 07517 302306 was allocated to the O2 (UK) Limited network provider, on the 02/2007.

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    Cheers Harl - very useful

    That site is pretty cool!
    A bit wary to whether it stores the number or not.
    Tried it anyway.
    My mobile number has been active since 2003! Old lol

    lol, now im getting funny texts


    My mobile number has been active since 2003! Old lol

    Mine has been active since 2000 on:


    one2one, old skool!

    haha thats a sweet find mine comes up as unknown currently it was originaly virgin although allocated by t-mobile same company like but even at that its ported buisness number lol.

    ohh yea and theres about 10 other numbers i had that virgin red flagged and canceled porting although all documents including original boxes were scanned and email and they aregued that they could have been photoshoped so i made the mistake of sending everything by special for virgin mobile to lose the package and never got the numbers there still in hyperspace lol they ring out on the o2 sims but recieve the calls on the virgin sims now thats how werid it is, lost over a grand due to it but life goes on lol

    how sweet is that lol

    [BThe number 07777 777777 was allocated to the BT network provider, on the 07/2004.[/B]

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