Valspar paint

Found 21st Aug 2017
I bought a can of Valspar paint for my kitchen ceiling after visiting my local B&Q and being advised by 3no members of staff about how good Valspar. Normally, I only use Dulux...but in moment of weakness bought it. I should have known better. The paint is so thin, any cost saving is outwayed by the amount of time you spend painting the ceiling numerous time! In summary I will never buy it again. It is rubbish. Now having reviewed comments on this website- Valspar must have a tie up with B&Q.
I went back to B&Q and REPAINTED the ceiling with my trusted Dulux paint, which does not have ( the equivalent of) at least a cup and a half of water when you open it! Be careful when speaking to B&Q staff and if considering using Valspar paint.
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