Im in need of some advice.

    Basically, I worked for Red Bull Racing for a couple of weeks before the start of the F1 2006 in Bahrain.

    I helped them prepare all their clothing etc and I also put some invites in envelopes to famous people, like Michael Schumacher etc...

    Anyway, gettin to the point...I was give one of these invites as a gift and was wondering how much it would be worth. Has anyone any ideas??

    Here are some pics of the actual invite...……JPG……JPG…JPG


    No idea of the price, but should be worth something to collectors of such things...

    Try some F1 Fan Forums and such like.

    more importantly (for others) how did you get such a job - how fantastic!!

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    more importantly (for others) how did you get such a job - how fantastic!!

    It was a temporary position for 1 week. I was asked to stay for 1 more week. :thumbsup:
    It was amazing just to work there! They actually build the F1 car there! :w00t:

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    I put the pics on here.

    Anyone want to offer me anything???

    IT certainly looks valuable!

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    The invite is written on a like cloth/plastic type material...does that help at all?? lol

    Here is a link to pictures at the party. It looks FAB! :w00t:


    It's totally worthless. However, if you give me £5.00 I'll take it off your hands for you.:-D :-D :-D

    ohhh go on then ill give you £10 if you really want shot of it

    i imagine you could get a pretty big bunch of cash for it at an F1 auction.. not sure where they are held..but id look for them if i were you...
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