Valuation of a Number Plate

    I had a bloke ask me if I'd be interested in selling my cars registration plate today. I said not really interested but he gave me he's mobile number incase I changed my mind.

    How can I get a valuation of my registration just our of curiosity, I know why he wanted it as it looks like it says BOXER which everyone usually comments on.

    Thanks for any advice


    DVLA will give you a market value but like anything in life it's only worth what somebody would pay for it, this is never more true than car reg's particularly as unless you have £10k you have to be quite creative to get them to read something of any interest.

    Box 3r ? B011 Xer ?

    ebay it lol, then u will know what its worth

    Drop him a text and ask what his best offer is - say you are thinking of auctioning it ...

    just look at some of the adverts in autotrader and try and find one that's as close to yours as possible and use that as a starting point.

    i am that man. don't ask them how much it's worth to sell to me

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    i am that man. don't ask them how much it's worth to sell to me

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