Valuation of desktop please....rep added for any idea

    I am thinking about selling my desktop but have no idea how much it is worth. It is 3.5 years but has had some major upgrades....

    Intel Core 2 Duo e6300 @ 1.86GHZ
    4GB Memory
    NVidia 8600gt graphics card
    WinTv TV Card
    2 DVD Drives
    XP/Vista (currently running 7 64bit) operating system


    e6300 - £30-35
    4gb memory - specs on it? - probably about £40 min
    gfx - £15-20 ish
    tv card - depends on model, minimum £5
    dvd drives - £5-10 each probably
    OS - £20-30 for xp/vista (can only sell if you have OEM license stuck on it or along with it)

    you havent said what hdd either =] but this should give you a rough idea

    I sold almost the exact same system as that a couple of years ago, for £200. That there, I'd guess around £130 or so would be fair.

    It might be worth considering just doing an upgrade, though. The PC platform has been pretty solid over the past few years, so even parts as old as that still have a good deal of life left in them. Like, your motherboard - that'll be a PCIe 16x board supporting DDR2 RAM and skt 775 processors, out of which PCIe 16x is still today's leading standard. DDR2 isn't really any slower than DDR3 in terms of its effect on framerate, and although the i7 processors are very powerful, the Core2Duo and Core2Quad lines, nearly all of which will probably be compatible with your board, are still easily powerful enough to run pretty much any game out there at high framerates.

    Personally, I run a 2.8GHz PentiumDualCore (which is basically just a Core2Duo E8200, but with less cache) and a GTX260, which only cost something like £160 combined. Nothing, not even Crysis, troubles them. I do think I'll upgrade to an i7 Quad Core though, just for my music production stuff, which is fully multi-threaded and sucks down CPU power, but not for a long time yet.

    Original Poster

    Ah, dam, was hoping it would be worth more. Want to either build a new desktop or buy a laptop. Not sure yet though. Cheers guys and rep added

    £12. wheres my rep?
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