Valuation: SonyVaio VGN-AR51J

Found 16th Mar 2010
Hey guys,

I'm considering selling my laptop and finding one perhaps a little smaller. Firstly would anyone be interested? Secondly how much would you pay for one of these if you were interested?

I obviously don't wanna sell for stupid low price but would like to know what kind of price I could get?


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why is this in fs/ft? if you are asking for opinions it belongs in misc.

what size laptop are you looking for is it fully working order what sort of price do you have in mind for it thanks

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Ok - can mod move into misc please?

reported for it to be moved borak.

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Well either 15.4 or 13 inch - its full working order. Very good condition, I bought it as a factory refurbished only a few months back. I would think I could get at least £350 for it but I don't know what they are worth. Its a Intel dual core with 2gb RAM and a 250gb hard drive, HDMI output and a blu-ray drive.

I put a copy of Windows 7 on it but it has a key for Vista on the case. Should still have box and manuals etc for it.

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Cheers for that awoodhall2003, don't know how you do thaT?


Moved to Misc. Just a reminder that when you're ready to sell on here you'll have to report this thread for closure and wait until 7 full days have elapsed before listing.

arent the AR series 17 inch?

edit yes they are just read the link



i'd say about £240 on here

i'm interested btw so lemme know when you put it up

around £280 easy. lmk when u list it.


Closed @ OP request - thanks for the report

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