Found 6th Feb 2009

I was just thinking about selling my PS2 slimline as it never gets used, but i've no idea how much i'd get.

It comes with all of the AV cables, power cables etc. Official 8mb memory card, and 2 x official controllers. Original box, so unused that the little strip to protect the PS2 logo is still on it.

Now games,

Timesplitters 2
Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
Need for speed; Most wanted
London Racer 2
Eyetoy Play (the game, not the camera)
Tony Hawk's Underground
Arsenal Club football 2005 (don't worry i'm not an arsenal fan)
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec
Grand theft auto san andreas
Star wars battlefront 2

Any ideas?



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You problary get about 30 quid


they will be able to give you an idea, type each item in the search engine


go to ebay and compare prices

worth between 40-60 40 for console and 20 for games

Original Poster

Really? I would've thought more than that due to the 2 x Official Playstation 2 controllers and Memory Card.

Well, that sucks.

I bought a black (used) one last week with one wired controller for £25 from Blockbuster if that helps...

Original Poster

Was that a slimline PS2?

Yes mate.... came with the tv phono cables, and a power adaptor..... thought it was an ok price as I'd be fitting it in my car..... :-D

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How much do you think that these would go for.

Guitar hero 1
Guitar hero 2
2 Guitar hero guitars

All for PS2, no box for guitars but work perfectly.

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Bump on the Guitar hero stuff?

Original Poster

2nd and final bump on the Guitar Hero stuff.


2nd and final bump on the Guitar Hero stuff.

Why not look at the prices on ebay - pretty simple, no? :thinking:
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