Value my desktop computer?

Hi, im wondering how much i would get for my desktop as i would quite like a fresh build.
My specs are:
P695 Infinity motherboard (crossfire)
2x2gb 667 Mhz Ram
E6600 2.40 ghz processor (core2duo)
AMD 4870 512mb graphics card
550 Watt powersupply
Wireless card
In Xblade case with blue LED fans


Without even looking at prices, this could be way off... But I would say around 200.

I only value mine at 200/250ish. Q6700, 4 * 1gb 800mhz OCz. P5KE/Wifi. 8800gt, custom case with 6" fan on side, blue led.
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tree fiddy

I'd say more like £150 max. I have a far more powerful desktop that I am currently struggling to sell for over £250

Deffo sub 2 ton, £135-170ish

i hereby value your desktop computer!


I guess im just generous! Having looked at components, I would still probably pay upwards of 200. Assuming it came with a harddrive, dvd rewriter.(Which im guessing you failed to mention)

If drives not included, as OP listed, I'd also guess close to £150 given the prices for new Novatech barebones bundles:…tml

Original Poster

Thanks guys. any suggestions of how to get a similar spec pc for under £200

You wouldn't get a new one at that price but should be a few second hand on ebay. Possibly have to pay a bit more if hard disk and DVD writer are included.


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