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Posted 13th Feb 2014
Emptying my fathers loft I have come across a box of British newspapers.
There are approx. 70-80 all dated between the years 1941-1946.
They all look like new, no tanning or rips, they look like they have never been read. All folded square in a tight pile.
They are all in a taped up box which was inside another taped up box of items that were put into the loft appox 21 years ago.
So how do I check if they are original papers or reprints, if they are reprints they must have been done over 21 years ago?
Any ideas on the total value?
It is not my intention to sell them, only want a value out of interest. If they are original and/or valuable then I will probably store them in my loft and let my children decide what to do with them in the future. If they are just cheap reprints then I will probably just send them to my children's school too use in class projects.
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