Found 31st Aug 2016
I bought an LG G4 using PayPal from valuebasket. It's never worked for more than a couple of months at a time and had 2 trips to the repair center in Hong Kong. Now that they've gone bust and it's broke AGAIN would I be able to claim any money back from PayPal or the mastercard (I used to pay for it with). The phone warranty doesn't run out until August 2017.

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If it's a UK model then LG will fix it, but if it's a gray import (which it sounds like it is) they're not interested.

I don't think Paypal will do anything after a year, Mastercard might... depend how the transaction went through??

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Yea it's an import H818N LG won't touch it. Think I might just put it on Ebay as I ordered the english G4 from them first then changed my order in a different transaction and paid the extra for the dual sim version. Thanks for your reply..

you cannot claim under section 72 credit card act as you used third party payment method. you basically are at a loss here.

pay less pay twice it would seem
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