Found 3rd Sep 2012
Looking at a camera

and its got the best price with free shipping

anyone used before?
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Small chance of risk.

I wouldn't:

Looks like you would need to be a " basket " case to use them.

Why not just buy from well known reliable sellers?

I cannot believe some people.

Looks like you would need to be a " basket " case to use them.Why not … Looks like you would need to be a " basket " case to use them.Why not just buy from well known reliable sellers?I cannot believe some people.

asked a simple question. that was all
lots of good reviews and feedback on google
I purchased a Nikon 55-300 AF DX Lens from them arrived in a week can't complain about that, only problem was the warranty card had been removed I checked with Nikon and they said that goods purchased outside of Europe they do not honour, if you live in Asia you are OK hope it helps.
they have good price I think they import all there goods.its legit I would buy all day from them
I ordered a Canon Camera Lens (order number 70510 – 229484 in case I get accused of not being a true customer of Valuebasket !!) on the 28th May 2013 with a promise from their website that they usually dispatch in 1 to 3 working days and delivered in 7 to 10 working days.
My money was debited from my credit card straight away on the 28th.
Their web site showed they had 22 of them in stock at that time.
On the 7th June 2013 the order was till showing on their website as being “made ready” this was 9 working days from date of order. How long can it take to pick an item from a shelf, put it in a postage bag and post it ???
So I contacted them using their “contact us” website form expressing concern that my item had not even been dispatched.

To my surprise I was E Mailed back within 24hours by Customer Service Officer stating that “due to a sudden large influx of daily sales generated by our latest promotions, our dispatch times have been slightly affected and thus resulting in unfortunate delays” and that she was going to keep a close eye on my order. She further stated that “dispatch should be expected anytime next week but we will push for the earliest possible time” and stated she was going to “expedited delivery service at no extra cost to you as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused”

I thought OK lets see what happens. On Monday the 10th June 2013 I got an unannounced text message from DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) that an item with tracking number was going to be delivered to me on the 12th June 2013. I thought great, I’ll arrange the day off and wait in to sign for the item.
I was getting concerned on the 11th June 2013 as the DPD website still showed that they were awaiting to receive the parcel in Newbury.
It was then I got an E Mail from a Customer Experience Manager at stating that “Good news! Your order (229484) has now been shipped, and is expected to arrive in the next couple of business days. I will be keeping an eye on progress on your behalf to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the delivery”. She supplied the same tracking number as DPD had texted me the day before.

I was staring to get sceptical, but gave them and DPD the benefit of the doubt as I had previously ordered camera equipment from another Hong Kong based company “Panamoz” and had it delivered within 48 hours of placing the order.
Sure enough by yesterday afternoon nothing had arrived and the DPD website tracking page still showed that they had not received my parcel.
I then sent Valuebasket customer care and E Mail asking what was happening and also tried to contact by phone DPD (don’t waste your time there it’s all automated and they just tell you to contact your sender / supplier.
Needless to say that by today 13th June 2013 neither DPD or valuebasket had replied, even though I might add that they have found time only a couple of hours ago to come onto this website to respond to negative feedback.

I am now extremely concerned as to where my order is and if I have lost all of my money. As a last ditched attempt before writing this review I have tried phoning their UK customer care number 0203 384 0338 which just rings and rings and no one answers and have sent off this morning yet another contact request form from their web site with no reply.
This experience and the experience of others here is similar to other experiences I’ve had and indicative of a companies which are struggling to obtain credit for stock to sell because they are going insolvent, and advertising items they don’t actually have whilst taking your money in order to increase their cash flow.

Unless it’s proven to me by Valuebasket that this is not the case by me actually receiving my item in the next 48hrs I will seek legal and financial redress and would strongly advise people to go elsewhere. I would also consider carefully for yourselves the “validity” of any recent positive feedback as it seems in stark contrast to the negative feedback being posted here.

Interestingly after I started leaving negative feedback on review sites about an hour or more ago now I have received another E Mail from customer services blaming “delay caused by the clearance check” !!
Your welcome I felt this review site needed the support it could get given most other sites reviewing this retailer have between 40 and 800 reviews against this sites 5 (_;)
It's exactly four weeks since I ordered my mobile phone from Valuebasket and I am still awaiting delivery. Today i have contacted my credit card company and started proceedings to claim back my payment.
This is probably a long winded process but value basket does not deserve to receive the benefit of the doubt. In my view they are rubbish and my advice to anyone thinking of using them is DON'T.
I ordered a camera from Valuebasket, which was the cheapest retailer by £10-15. It took a month to come, and the process and customer service was so abysmal that I thought I had been scammed and contacted my credit card company to report the transaction*. It did eventually come though, and bottom line is I would certainly not recommend them, but they did follow through and send the product.

*the UK customer service line does not appear to be connected; it just rings and rings. I was given an parcel tracking number that was generated by Valuebasket and was not known to the parcel company (Aramex) so they disclaimed knowledge of my order.
I'm extremely unhappy with this service here's my story so far:

1)Ordered an ipad for more than £400 as a birthday present, paid on credit card, and was promised on purchase: dispatch in 3-5 days and delivery within 7-10 days. 2 weeks later the order status still said 'order processing' with no sign of any progress and the birthday I needed it for was only 2 days away, so I sent an email asking them to send it straight away. I got a polite response stating that they were having 'delays' and it would probably be sent a week later, which I found unacceptable.

2) I searched the support section of their website and found many similar stories of orders being delayed indefinitely and excuses made for many months, leading me to believe if this isn't a scam it's the next best thing, and promptly made it clear I no longer required the item and requested my order be cancelled immediately (the option for which is well hidden away). After a few days I was told my order would be cancelled and the refund process takes 2-5 days and I shouldn't expect payment of my own money back into my account for up to 7 days. For a refund on goods which were never dispatched let alone delivered! I found this to be fairly ridiculous.

3) I waited more than 10 days and in the end I did receive and email saying my refund had been processed and I should receive it in my bank account within a few more days. More delays, which were becoming incredibly frustrating. Even worse the refund email said that even after all these delays the amount processed for refund was equal to £0.00! When I looked at my account status on the website it had changed from 'Refund request in process' back to 'Order processing', putting me back in the position I had been in two weeks earlier and wasting a lot of my time.

4) I sent another request for refund immediately and this time after a day I received a curt response stating the same bull about refund process taking 2-5 days and allowing for 'a few more days to process' in addition to that already absurd delay. My account status is once again set to 'Refund request in process'.

5) It's been over a month now since the whole mess started and I just want my money back, I'm probably going to have to call up my card company and explain that I've been scammed if my request doesn't come through this time.

Do yourself a favour and don't go through this nonsense.
Not trustworthy!!!

I ordered an iPad 25 days ago, since the ipad price in valuebasket was £50 lesser than the market price. The money got debitted from my account immediately. The status kept on changing from one to other, namely - Order details approved, Order being prepared, Order delayed, Arranging stock, Allocated, etc. When I ordered, the site showed more than 10 in stock, and even after I ordered the site showed more than 10 in stock. They promise delivery within 7-10 days, but I haven't got my iPad yet, and not sure whether I will get it at all.

Have sent atleast 25 emails till now, they initially replied saying , their logistics team is unable to meet the overflowing orders, and some replies said that they don't have enough stock and they are arranging stock. So this itself is inconsistent - whether the delay was due to low stock or due to the logistics team being overloaded.

Yesterday, I sent a mail saying that I want the order to be shipped today, or else I want the order to be cancelled. According to their terms, we can cancel the order anytime before it is dispatched. Until then the status was "Arranging stock", as soon as I said I want to cancel the order, they changed the status to "Shipped" and gave me a tracking number. I followed the link on the tracking number, and found that the parcel was not at all picked up, just the courier is booked.

I called up the courier company and they are saying that the parcel was never picked up from the sender, since the sender has only booked the courier and has not given instruction for pickup. I forwarded the email from the courier company to value basket and they are insisting that the courier HAS BEEN SHIPPED, and they don't have any other information other than that, and that I need to contact the courier company. The courier service was a next day service, and when I ask "If you shipped it yesterday, why have I not received it today?", valuebasket is replying me saying "Do you think only 1 day is enough for the order to be shipped from HongKong?". Well, I am wondering if they are really sending it by ship!

I would never ever buy from value basket again, even if they give me a £100 discount. Worst experience ever!
I too have fallen pray to.value basket.con . I ordered two mobile phones galaxy s4 and galaxy s3 mini.Both showing in stock 4weeks later and many calls to their customer services I have cancelled my order but still not sure I will get my money.avois this company at all costs.There is no indications that this company is based in hongkong.Trading standards should be lookingvat them
That's a lot of multi's oO
Bought a camera in February. Charger broke down a few weeks later. Been trying to get a replacement from them for months. No success.

I will never buy anything from them again.
i was thinking of ordering a canon 5D MK 111 from but after reading these reviews have decided against it although they are a lot cheaper . They have lost £1889 on the camera !
I placed an order with Value Basket for an ASUS ME400C Tablet. I took the long delivery time stated on board and ordered. The 10 day delivery time came and no Item. I phoned them to find out what was happening and was told they were out of stock. I looked on their website and the Stock was still showing 6 units in stock so I contacted them again to enquire about this. I recieved an extremly appologetic email saying this had never happened before etc etc. I informed them the item was a birthday present and I couldnt wait for them to come back in stock as they couldnt give me a specific date. Very Strange...I requested the item be cancelled and a refund issued. They said to expect to wait between 1 and 3 days for the refund to be issued and a futher 3-5 days for it to show back up in my bank account. I waited and waited and still no refund. I have been in constant contact with them everyday chasing the refund. I get told a manager is now dealing with my refund, to date 4 different managers are dealing with it. Hmmmm, they really need to see what the previous manager has said before declaring themselves as managers also. I am now over 20 days in, no refund in sight or birthday present to give. However they do return my constant emails to supply me with another poor excuse. The lastest being they are having updates to their refund system. I have now had to log a suspected fraudulant case against this company with my bank in an attempt to get my £323.00 back. My advice is to everyone is to pay the extra £30 or whatever you think you'll be saving and buy from a reputable company. Latest, they are still showing 6 units in stock and I can no longer log in on my email address to my account as my details have been removed...BEWARE, and purchase from these highway robbers at your own peril.
After searching around for an early retailer for the Google Nexus 7, I found ValueBasket, which claimed it had the product in stock slightly earlier than the other retailers. Looking a legitimate website, I ordered the product 9 days ago.

Returning from holiday this weekend and still seeing that my order is still 'in queue' when tracking it, I have decided to cancel and order from another retailer.

I'm now very nervous on if I will receive a refund in the next week, let alone month. But I will let this sight know what happens in the next few days, My enquiry ticket has been submitted, so I will give a step-by-step of what goes on. It may well be these were rare occasions.
I was going to purchase the latest Sony Xperia Z Ultra 16gb in white from ValueBasket for £519.00. However,as I had never heard of this company before, I wanted to check customer feedback. When I entered my request on their search website, the results were null. This made me search online for reviews of the company and took me to this blog. I did e mail the company to ask further questions regarding shipping and customs tax. I received a reply within an hour stating that the item was in the UK and no tax was payable and the price quoted was the price i would pay with free posting. The main concern for me is that their website shows that they have 4 of these phones in stock in the UK at the time of this posting. All other sites, including GSMarena state that this phone will not be available in the UK until at least the 12/09/13. In particular, the white version along with a 16gb version will not be available in the UK until a release date has been confirmed by Sony. Alarm bells ringing?? I'm going to keep my hand on my wallet after reading the above reviews. That was enough to make me wait until an established retailer has this phone in stock, even more so if I can walk into a shop and just buy it there and then!
Thanks everyone for the warnings - consumer power. I can't believe what a high percentage of these on-line sites are shysters. Why do the credit card companies not stamp down on them? I bought a Nokia 820 phone from Tesco Direct this week but my daughter has snaffled it so I was about to order another but they sold the last one just seconds before I got my order in. I've bought hundreds of products with perfect service from groceries through washing machines and fridges and Dysons to CD's and DVD's from Tesco so I know they're sound. Unfortunately I need it so first NEARLY ordered from soundlink and my daughter said, "I'd check them out first dad" and thank God I did as they turned out to be scam artists and now same old same old with these jokers! Guess I'll spend another hundred quid and go for the next model up which I don't really want but better spend a hundred quid more and get peace of mind and a product than a lot of stress and nothing!! (plus I use Amex and they have a quad miles deal on and I get Tesco points!!!) . Thanks again everyone.
[quote=steraw]I was going to purchase the latest Sony Xperia Z Ultra 16gb in white from ValueBasket for £519.00. Ha, sounds like my experience. Good old High Street. Pity the greedy councils and local authority scroungers, I mean civil servants, have kept jacking up rates until half the High Streets are empty. I like Amazon if it's actually shipped by Amazon but you're right, if I can walk in a shop and handle the item and then take it home in a box it is the ultimate confidence. I hope that's the water proof Sony, my son in law has the current model and swears by it, he's a journalist (music) and it's his work tool so he would only have the best. Unfortunately I don't like Android phones.
I ordered a camera from Valuebasket in July as I was told it was in stock. I waited three weeks for it to be delivered but the order was always awaiting completion. I was given numerous apologies and promises of delivery. Eventually, I cancelled the order through sheer frustration. Three weeks further on, I am still waiting for a refund with more false apologies. Apparently, it has taken this time to escalate it to high priority. Funny how the money was taken from my account on the day I ordered the camera. Customer values are left in the basket with this company. Absolute disgrace. Avoid as you have been warned!!!!!
Thanks for the heads up guys. Was looking to buy something from them but it looks like I should avoid.
I've used these twice now and been great both times the first time it said I'd been upgraded to the 24hr delivery for free and sure enough it came next day
it's all swings and roundabouts like anywhere some people have trouble some don't
Put simply - please do not buy from this site. They are based in Hong Kong and have no UK or European base. They take your order and payment and then clearly fail to deliver. I too am dubious about ever getting a refund despite having cancelled my order because of lack of fulfilment.
Warning - do not use this company!
This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a review and warn others.
I placed an order for a Go Pro Hero3 video camera on the 24th July - a present for my husband's birthday. The website advised that they had 22 in stock and ship within 3-5 days and to expect delivery within 7-10days. Payment was debited almost immediately.
After 3wks with still no update - when logging in the status just said "order delay" I then contacted the customer services number and spoke to someone who assured me it would be allocated to high priority status and I should expect this product to arrive the following week. A week later when I still hadn't received my product I then contacted them again and was advised by that particular sales rep that my order had actually just been dispatched that very day although the on-line status did not confirm this - when challenged she was very rude and assured me the product would be delivered within the week. A further week on and still no product received... I phoned again... This time they apologised - still couldn't give any explanation but offered a free 4G memory card as compensation for the delay and same old story. Needless to say my husband's birthday had long passed by this stage. After a further week I contacted again - this time to ask for a refund/order cancellation which you have to do on-line but interestingly / conveniently the link doesn't work - I tried over a 24hr period and ended up phoning again and demanding that they process it for me. I have now received e-mail confirmation detailing that my order has been cancelled and a refund is being processed. Do you reckon I'll ever get my money back - time will tell!!!
Fortunately I paid with my credit card and have notified the credit card company who have placed the transaction under dispute and will be taking things further if the refund is not received.
Please anyone who reads this don't order from this company and put yourself through the hassle and disappointment.
I ordered a nikon d7000 from them on the 10th of August 2013. Delay after delay, if you phone at beginning of week they tell you they will dispatch at end of week, if you phone at end of week they tell you they will dispatch early next week. This has been going on now for best part of two and a half weeks and I am gritting fed up calling and dealing with their ****. You ask to speak to a manager and they change your status parcel prioritised, we were told last weekend it would be with us last Wednesday , still nothing. Well as I work for trading standards and my partner for a consumer magazine I think it's time they get the full investigation and the proper bad reviews worldwide.
You might be better off contacting your bank , as if you've not noticed yet you are being scammed.

I also find it hard to believe you work for trading standards ...surely you are not that stupid
Update: I have now received my refund for the Asus ME400, however I did have to get my bank involved and it took around 6 weeks. So if your fighting for a refund from these Muppets contact your bank, email them daily and hang on in there.
I have had the same bad experience with this company.

I think they are very sophisticated scam site.

The only good thing is their customer support which gives a fast response to any queries.

The thing is though all you get is excuses about why you can't get what you ordered or why they have not given a refund.

Yes some people might get a camera and some might get a refund. But consider the thousands that probably don't and just give up out of mental exhaustion trying to deal with this company. This is where it's sophistication lies.

When I ordered a Panasonic FZ200 Aug 12 2013 they had 19 in stock.

On the 22 I received an email stating that my order is being Held and to get in contact with them.

They then told me that the camera I had ordered was out of stock and would I like to purchase another item in it's place or I could ask for a full refund.

I checked their website and it said they had 4 in stock

I decided on a full refund.

Now it's the 9th of September and I am still waiting for the funds to be re-credited to my account after having sent them three email reminders.

All I get is excuses. One after another.

I am thinking of reporting them to the Australian Federal Police Fraud Squad.

So if you are thinking of buying anything off them DON'T! Save yourself a lot of grief. Stay away from them.
I placed my order on 16th of August 2013 with for two reasons 3 day shipping (as per their website) and 3 year guarantee on the product (Nokia Lumina 920 mobile phone). They were not the cheapest by a long shot. I then received an email on 27th August to say that if I didn't receive the product in 24 - 48 hours I was to contact them, which I did after 48 hours. I then received an email on 29th August with similar excuses as other potential clients have received: "large number of orders; international shipping on a number of platforms; upgraded to order to expidited (?) delivery and I should receive it within a few days". I then cancelled the order on September 3rd, where upon they then said that dispatch is imminent and they have upgraded my order etc. etc. and that I could expect delivery within a week and a half!. As already stated, in a previous email they had promised delivery in a few days. I declined their offer and again requested the cancellation and full refund. They promised this to me within 7 days. Today is day 8 and no refund. I have just called them on their 'local' number which simply tracks though to their international office. They again acknowledged the cancellation request and promised refund but then said that the refund is still in process and that I should wait a further 5 days! When I asked again when I could expect the refund they then said Friday 13th September. We'll see, I have my doubts!
I ordered a Canon 6d from Value Basket on 16th of August. It was cheaper than a lot of places by a few hundred pounds.

After purchasing I then made the mistake of checking the forums saying how awful the site was and how many people didn't receive their orders. I was promised the camera would be delivered within 10 days.

9 days later the reviews did have me concerned so I phoned them up to make sure it was all official and that I would receive my order. The person on the phone said they had received a high number of orders and that they couldn't keep up with the demand. I asked how it was possible for them to say how many they have in stock only to then say they didn't have the number that was said on the site.

The person said that in a few days they will get more stock in and that I would be upgraded to first class delivery. I said I'd give them a week or I wanted a refund.

One week later I still hadn't received my camera so I phoned again. This time the informed me that stock was in and that my camera was ready to ship off. I asked if the person was completely sure that my order was there ready to said and they confirmed it was and that it'd be shipped off the next day at first class. That was on a friday so the person said I should expect delivery on the monday following.

To my surprise the camera arrived on monday the 9th september.

I realise looking at other stories my experience is rare, but the company seem very disorganised and even though I received my camera (and it is an amazing camera and very happy with it's quality) I would not recommend value basket. I really don't think my purchase would have arrived if I hadn't rang them so often.

It's difficult because it's hard to say whether my success with them is the start of them getting their act together or I was just lucky!
Thank you so much for all this information about I was thinking about buying an ipad from them but will now go to a high street shop instead as they are safer. Pity because the price was good, obviously the way they lure potential buyers in.
This thread seems to be have been totally flooded by multi's

Anybody used them & want to post - that has not created their account only 5 minutes before posting?
Edited by: "Firefly1" 18th Sep 2013
I think seasoned hukd members are unlikely to have ordered from here. Unsure why you feel you require further verification
I placed an order of a phone on 1/9/13 which was intended as a birthday present. As of 20/9/13 they still could not give me a delivery date as there was a "backlog of orders because of a delay". As the birthday had now come and gone and I was left with a very disappointed teenager, I cancelled my order. Which, by the way, could not be done over the phone, I had to email! A full week later, still no refund. Apparently, I am in a queue for that as well!!! This leads me to assume that Valuebasket have a LOT of unhappy customers!! If I do not receive my refund within the next day or so I think I will be contacting my credit card company for advice. Extremely bad service!
I tried to oder something from there but my bank declined the transaction... so I started to do some research and found all these threads on them.

To be honest, they are on Quidco... so I assumed... it's on Quidco... it's relatively safe. But man, not doing that again. Bank said the money was trying to be sent to some moneybroker or something...

They are basically an international company trying to pretend that they operate locally. Don't risk it.…et/ <---- quidco link.

Edited by: "nyum" 30th Sep 2013
This is the worst "company" I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

Bought a pair of Beats headphones for my boyfriend's birthday 4 weeks in advance. Dispatch was not in the time they specified on their website and when I rang (because I was soon going on holiday and the headphones needed to come with me as a present) I rang and questioned when i could expect them and was told it would be further 10 days until dispatch, let alone delivery. I thought, forget it, cancel the order and give me my money back.

That was on the 29th of August and I have received NO MONEY BACK despite the money being promptly taken from my bank account on the day I ordered. Apparently it's due to their "refund processing system being reorganised". There are no words for how angry and disgusted I am because I am being fed an obvious lie and my money is being held ransom. Apparently my refund has got the highest priority and MAY be processed early next week. If I hadn't have rang I don't know what would happen.

Save yourself the hassle and frustration. Buy it in person in the shop and get the piece of mind or buy from a reputable website.
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