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Hi there

would any of you vape converts be able to direct me towards a decent vape kit. it's time for me to quit the cigs.

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Highly recommend this for an entry level Mod. A lovely, affordable bit of kit.

Lite 40

Good luck quitting the ciggies, you won’t look back.
I like the Smok Alien 220w. it is over a year old now but still love this mod. The new Smok Devilkin 225w (nicked named Alien 2.0) also look good and come in may different colours.

Smoke Alien 220W

Smok Devilkin 225w

P.S when buying batteries make sure you buy good ones and not re wraps, I would recommend LG or Samsung.
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This was one of my first mods!
The Alien is a great bit of kit. It’s an old mod but still one of the highest selling due to comfort and usability!

I found the coils in the baby beast tank burn out within a week of moderate usage but these can be picked up for about £12 for 5 coils, much cheaper than a pack of smokes!

Good luck luck with the quitting. Don’t get put off by the anti vapers, yes vaping is probably bad but nowhere near as bad as the ciggies!
If it's your first time. I would try a simpler system first. Eciggaretedirect do a kit, with disposable cartridges. I used this and it's a really good starter novice kit.
Aspire do a great little mod. This is more of a mod for those quitting smoking its more of a mouth to lung vape opposed to the direct to lung hit you will get of the alien.

It’s called the Aspier Zelos retails around £40/50

I would go with a good basic 'all-in-one' to start off. (not a mod)
If your completely new, you dont want to be messing around to much.
The ego D22 is great starter and is around £22 from uk or £13 from Aliexpress.

Have a look at videos and reviews here
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Many thanks for all your advice. Plenty to get my head round.
good luck with quitting op. I'd stay away from a smok alien for now unless you want to cloud chase. they produce a lot of vapour( I'm using a smok alien right now) .
I'd go for a kit like this…tml
I started on a vape about 5 months ago, I bought a really cheap vape which was something like £6 (can get them from Iceland, poundstretcher, home bargains) and the juice is only £1 a bottle. I know some people will probably slam the fact the vape is so cheap etc but it does the job. I didn't want to pay alot cos Id probably lose it and have to replace it. It all depends on what suits you.
I don't vape/smoke but recently helped a family member get a new one, went for an eleaf Istick pico 25, a lot of the reddit vaping subs all recommend it as a great budget/starter one to get you going.
Don't know anything about vaping, but I would say "yay" for you in deciding to quit the ciggys.
Took me years to quit with willpower, sprays, patches etc, but I am thankful that I never gave up trying.
Its so totally worth quitting..... Hope you find the advice you need
dcx_badass2 h, 23 m ago

I don't vape/smoke but recently helped a family member get a new one, went …I don't vape/smoke but recently helped a family member get a new one, went for an eleaf Istick pico 25, a lot of the reddit vaping subs all recommend it as a great budget/starter one to get you going.

Great price atm…tml
If you're not fussed about any of that cloud chasing nonsense and just want a mouth to lung device with a tight draw to quit smoking, I'd highly recommend the Wismec CB-60.

It's very basic and simple to use. You can pick one up for about £50 and It's also designed for nicotine salts which I've found to be a bit smoother on the throat.
These are supposed to be great little things, good all round reviews. I'm sure some vape shops are doing the smok alien 85w for £30, brilliant piece of kit, you wouldn't need the full 220w. Vape shops are great too, they will let you try different things to see your preference. Good luck mate
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I asked the same thing on here a few months ago and got some good advice. I didn’t have a clue where to start. First off I bought the cheap 888 vape thing from B&M just to see what it was like as I was curious. I then went to a local Vaporized store for more advice. I got the Aspire Nautilus 2 with the Innoken Cool Fire 4. It wasn’t cheap but it’s been so worth it. I smoked roughly 10 (sometimes more) cigarettes a day for 14 years. I was told I only needed 6mg strength vapes to begin with, I then reduced to 3mg and I am now on 0mg and don’t use it as much. I get my coils from an eBay seller recommended on my original post as they are much more expensive in the shop. I use a 1.8ohm coil as that’s best for when wanting to quit cigarettes apparently. I vape between 10-12 watts depending on the e juice. Monday will be 3 months for me without a cigarette so I am very pleased. If like me all of this sounded so confusing it really isn’t once it’s explained to you. Good luck.
I agree that you should probably start with a basic set up. Then perhaps progress to sub ohm vaping. I vaped for 3 years, reduced nicotine level to 0 and continued for a week on 0. Totally quit now and have been for over 2 years. You can do it. Good luck.
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