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Found 18th Dec 2017
Hi I'm new to vaping and am after a reasonably priced easy to use mod kit. Any suggestions please.
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easy to start with is innokin range. built in battery just plug it in via usb to charge. can get a decent one for under £50. if you want something more powerful then you can't go wrong with the smok alien, but you'll have to buy batteries and a charger for the batteries. I buy from vampire vapes an ukecigstore. been using both for years never had an issue either of them.
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Ok thanks. I've been using the innokin T22 which I liked as purchased as a kit but am now after something with more vape but am not confident at buying everything separately
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this is my setup to give you an idea.
it's a lot of money to start with but if you look after it, it pays for itself. especially if you make your own juice. I spend about £40 every 2 months on making the juice and that's it. coils last about a month, cost £14 for a pack of 3. lot cheaper than 20 stinkies a day. wait until new year vampire vapws and ukecigstore usually have a sale. sign up to their newsletter and they'll tell you when it's on.
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I started out with a tecc arc3 but as I got used to it went up to the arc4 which has higher watt, have used the arcs for 18 months before the charging bit broke and have just bought a thorvap off amazon as I needed one quickly but it's actually good and will keep it, probably better to start of with the starter kits like these as all it costs is the coils and liquid so very easy for starters have never felt the need to go for the fancy make your own mods and eliquids so have no clue about them
I like my Smok Alien, it's dual battery so it lasts for days, my old one would be flat before i finished work.
Many thanks all. I will have a look and treat myself for xmas
Great links too. Thanks all
I have accumulated far too much vape kit over the years, nearly all will never see the light of day again... I have settled with an iStick Power due to its huge 5000mah built in battery. A choice of atomiser is very much down to personal preference. I only have rebuildables (build my own coils) as £10 of supplies will last many years. I have a Goon V2 22mm RDA for exceptional flavour. But for general use, and in order to replicate the effects of a cigarette, I have a kayfun mini v2.1
Thanks. I don't really understand about rebuildables.
Maybe I wait see if any good "kits" come up for sale in new year
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