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    Have the deals on the TJ Huges website been popped on here before? (Link below)

    I was told to check out the 'cheap' deals there - and I have had a quick nose at the usual suspect deals that normally turn up on here (i.e Dyson, Pressurised Steam Irons, Cuttlery and so on) and - if they don't mind saying so themselves..... They all 'appear' to be substantially reduced.

    Now, I'm not saying for one muinute that they ARE - as no doubt some clever doggies will sniff out even better prices - BUT I am the first to put my paw up and say that I haven't done a price comparison YET.

    I had a quick look at the site - and yes, I thought it warranted a mention - I have put it under Misc, as I am not sure if it is really a DEAL??

    But no doubt those clever Mods, will moe it if they feel that it is.. (apologies in advance if I am wrong)

    Anyway, like I say - Imay be totally cat mad, and got my fur in a twist - but you never know, there MAYBE something in it if anybody is clever enough to find anything more that the usual mouse to catch a cat stuff.

    Happy hunting.



    Que? :?

    roflmao ..... even after reading that the 3rd time I still couldn't understand it lol ... made me laugh though

    I take it you haven't met the search function yet then?? ]HERE

    Original Poster

    OK - so I may have been in a dizzy state last night - now that I have had a good nights sleep by the fire - what I was trying to say is that on the TJ Huges website there is lots of discounted cheap items that - well there are too many to list.

    If theresa bargain there for somebody I'm pleased.

    And yes, we all know about the search function - but that doesn't mean we all use it - especially the non members that frequent this site.

    Wheres my saucer of milk anyway?

    lol he/she is off again :-D

    I did find something - not a bargain as such - but very appropriate me thinks…999

    "Loopie" being the operative word ;-):lol:

    Original Poster


    lol he/she is off again :-DI did find something - not a bargain as such - … lol he/she is off again :-DI did find something - not a bargain as such - but very appropriate me thinks "Loopie" being the operative word ;-):lol:

    That is soooo funny!!!!

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