Various MSE Unique Discount Codes from Merchants

Martin Lewis has opened a thread in his forum where merchants can post a MSE specific discount code. There are some interesting deals on there, and some less interesting, but it's been running only 39 hours and there's 8 pages!

I posted this here because although they are voucher codes, it is not merchant specific.
Perhaps someone with a little more time on their hands could collate the deals offered in this thread?

I had a good search but couldn't find any reference to this, or any rules regarding linking to MSE so I do apologise if I'm doing something wrong.…627



well it is adertising a competing site i would say

Original Poster

I see your point but there's not any mention of that in the Code of Conduct.
Maybe a mod could confirm/delete as appropriate

Should be ok as far as I can see, after all theres nothing said when the scan deals are posted and its mentioned to join AV forums to take advantage of free delivery offer at scan. If it helps get a better deal then thats a HotUKDeal.

I dont see as MSE is particularly a competing site, this site is for the best deals and more of a spend, spend, spend, MSE is mainly for budgeting and managing debts with the odd deal here and there. No-one can compete for this site on deals and the community IMO. Its not like MSE is unknown to most either.

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Yeah that's exactly the same line as I was thinking

We don't care about mentioning MSE. As harlzter said we're fairly different sites anyway.

As for the list looks like a cross between spam and readers offers so probably not that useful yet.

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Thanks Admin. I've spotted a few good ones, he'll be putting the best ones in his email thing so I'll probably wait for that and update the OP

Original Poster

Right there were 3 in his email, i've added them to the vouchers section

15% off Chemist-4-U, 10% off Oli fashion and £5 off football shirt retailer Toffs.
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