VAT Changes Jan 1st for overseas online ordering

Posted 23rd Dec 2020
HMRC want VAT to be paid at time of purchase instead of when the item arrives in the UK (for orders under £135), this means that every single online retailer outside the UK now has to register and account for UK VAT?

I buy goods outside the EU and the company has just emailed me to say they are now no longer shipping to the UK (until they can work out how the heck to proceed).

This has nothing to do with Brexit/Covid btw HMRC have wanted to "make things fairer" and seem to be using the Brexit date as a trigger for their own ends.

Do HMRC really think any online website is going to collect VAT/account/register and pay a bill?

People are talking about no cabbages in the 1st week of January, but I can see a lot more walls going up than just veg and wine.
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