Vauxhall Astra - Electronics failing due to bluetooth connection with phone?

Posted 13th May 2017
Intermittently, when my OnePlus One is connected via Bluetooth to the cars built-in radio/bluetooth/speaker system, electronics fail on my dashboard.

When this problem occurs, I use the indicator and it doesn't blink on the dashboard at all - and it doesn't make the indicator noise whatsoever. It appears it does still work on the outside of the car though.

Sometimes I change the fan speed (1 through 6) and it does change (you can hear the fans change speed) - but the number displayed is fixed at OFF on the car centre console.

I've not had either of those problems for at least 6 months.

Today, I was driving and the indicator problem re-occurred, and a couple of seconds later, the car started alarming - the noisy alarm you get when you don't have your seatbelt plugged in (and are driving at more than10mph). I pulled over and the car continued to noisily alarm (even when stationary); presumably the car thought the seatbelt was not detected although there was nothing on the dashboard at all telling me this.

No error messages on the car dashboard. If anything, things disappear like the indicator (when indicating) vanishes from the dashboard when this problem occurs.

Car been inspected by Vauxhall in the last year regarding my problem and there are no error messages in the cars log.

It's only 15 plate (old Astra model) so should still be under the 3 year warranty (I believe it has 3 year warranty, bought pre-reg). They have previously reset the car's radio/bluetooth/speaker system but this hasn't fixed it.

I think their point is OnePlus One isn't a listed compatible Bluetooth mobile phone. So I guess the solution is for me to upgrade my phone, this just seems a really, really weird problem. It is all fixed by turning the ignition OFF and back On. But the problems occur after I start driving of course, so I have to park up....

Just to add, I have driven over a thousand miles with the phone connected and no problems, since the last indicator issue, so it really is very intermittent. And therefore hard to say it is definitively a phone/car problem - but how can a phone affect a whole cars electronics?!? Is this possible?
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With engine and all ancilliaries turned off, consider disconnecting the vehicle battery for a few seconds. As it's so simple to do, it might be worth doing just to have ticked the box. Not directly related, but my bro's Vauxhall Astra factory satnav auto-set clock would not recognise the change to BST one year, and every manual reset was ignored when the vehicle was next used. Issue was permanently cured by disconnecting for a few seconds the negative battery lead at the battery terminal. Suppose this was equivalent to turning off / turning back on a confused PC.
You got anyone you can swap phones with for a week? See if it recurs. If it does it's not your phone, if it doesn't it still doesn't prove anything unfortunately. Electronics are so sensitive today, often it's minor frequency variances that control different functions.
Bluetooth channel hops at over 1000 a second, and there is sometimes interference on usb3 protocol devices caused by cabling. This interferes with the computer the USB cable is connected to.


"The USB 3.0 computer cable standard has been proven to generate significant amounts of Electromagnetic interference that can interfere with any Bluetooth devices a user has connected to the same computer.[1]Various strategies can be applied to resolve the problem, ranging from simple solutions such as increasing the distance of USB 3.0 devices from any Bluetooth devices to purchasing better shielded USB cables."

Contact a specialist car electrics company, a quick phone call will probably get you a.."Never heard that before" (bummer) or "Common complaint, bring it in, a quick fix, chance a cable" ( party blowers and cake!).
Many problems reported on the you have the intellilink system on your car? If so, try this.…=10
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