Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Breeze 1999 help and advice

Found 23rd Apr 2010
Hi, thanks for looking.

I have the above car and it will switch on no problem, but say after 1 mile-1.5 mile the car will just shut off, and will not restart for at least 5 minutes. I have had the EGR valve and Cranshaft sensor replaced so far, each lasted another month before it re-accured....has any one else had this problem? can i find out how much my car is worth(i know its worthless as it doesnt currently travel very far) but is there a website that will ttell me the pri ce i could get with the different prices for the amount of milage. I tried parkers online guide but they wanted 3.49 for the service.

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Also i have tried searching google without success, is there an online guide to find out how many miles per gallon the above car does....Thank you.

Not sure about how accurate this is, but maybe worth a try?

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thanks you two,,,repped .....unfortunately my car isnt even listed

Try Corsa (00-06) There is some Breezes in there

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Try Corsa (00-06) There is some Breezes in there

thanks mate, but the nearest one to mine is 6 years different and makes the value irrelevant...repped:thumbsup:

I spose you could try for a guesstimate.

I had a 1.0 Corsa (02) and they offered me £1300 for it.
I got a new car the other day and I was able to p/x for £1800, so I guess you could add £500 on top of w.b.a.c give you...

For a 1999 Corsa you will get around £800 - £1000 MAX... compare your car to one on auto trader.

In regards to the fault.. When the car cuts out, can you here the fuel pump if you try to prime it before starting ?

Has the fuel filter been changed recently ?

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