Vauxhall corsa heating help

Found 12th Dec 2017
For some reason my 07 red corsa's heating does not work on really cold mornings, no heat at no matter what settings you put them on. It kicks in after about an hour of driving when the car has engine has warned up.

I was thinking it could be due to cheap coolant or may thermostat probleme but not really sure.

Sort of broke so dont want to spend crazy maine at garage if I don't need to.

Any help? TIA
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Check your coolant level but sounds like it needs the thermostat changing
As above , check coolant level
Is it a diesel?, They take much longer to heat up than petrol. My Zafira takes a while to heat up, Especially in this freezing weather.

The thermostat could be stuck open ( Better than stuck closed ), Usually cheap and easy to replace though.
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Ditto - replace the thermostat, you should be able to do it yourself.
It's it's not the thermostat make sure the is nothing clogging the vents under the windscreen on the outside like leaves. Don't know why but that's what was wrong with ours a few years go now.
As above... check coolant. Sounds like thermostat is stuck... cost is £10-15 for thermo plus labour - whatever you can get it done for.
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