Posted 17th Jun 2021
Morning all!
Mum purchased herself a new Vauxhall Corsa SE at the end of last year. However she was very dissapointed it didn't come with a CD player!
She doesn't use the internet, no smartphone, not technical minded and nor doe's she want to be!

I thought I would look online at extrernal CD players to plug into the USB socket, however from what I gather, this does not work with cars due to the car info system not running the software the CD player requires.

I've also checked the manual and can see no reference of an aux in, so that rules that kind of option out as well.

My last idea, is a bluetooth portable CD player, that she can keep in the glovebox, paired upto the cars entertainment system.

Just wondering whether you think that would work, or have any other suggestions at all?

PS - We tried putting some music on a USB Dongle, however she really does want to have a CD player back in the car, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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