Vauxhall Insignia intermittent squeaking noise

Posted 30th Jul
2011 plate , 101,000, 2.0 cdti . It’s just had new clutch and flywheel , new cambelt , new discs and pads rear and front ones were fine a few 1000 miles ago

Car is making a intermittent squeaking noise .. sounds like a mouse in the car.. had rear discs and pads replaced today , front brakes cleaned up and re-grease but it’s still doing it , thought it might be the belt but that’s not long been replaced but they put some conditioner stuff on it and ITS STILL SQUEAKING FROM SOMEWHERE

Any help and advice greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance
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If you cant find it while sitting in it then how can we find it sat at home
Same thing drives hubby around the bend. He had a car crushed for this.
Is the noise during braking or normal drive?
Maybe it’s one of the wheel bearings?
Does it squeak from the front, side, back, up, down?
If the car is parked up with engine running, does it intermittently squeak?
If it only squeaks during motion, does it only do so at slow speeds, if at all speeds, does it speed up?

Please throw the dog a bone with a clue.
With all those parts replaced, is it your wallet?
Does it only occur when your wife is travelling with you?
I saw this on Blaze and the monster machines once. Turns out it was a rubber duck in the suspension.
Could be like the old VW Golf advert. Try a drop of oil on wife's earing.
Have you tried cheese, or a cat?
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Maybe have a look on the car forums but you’ll need to pin point where it’s coming from have a look here
Being a 9 year old Vauxhall i would jack it up and take a look at for perished rubber on the suspension, how's the hangers for the exhaust?

That being said, the Insignia was mean for high endurance (mileage) over a short life span, these cars were always meant for the fleet market and then for recycling. That equation was cannot be reworked....!

If you are that offended or feel nervous about a squeak stop spending money on car and get rid of it a sort of sad but true fact b/c it wont get better with age if its not one thing it will be another.
Is this when you rev from 1st to 2nd?
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