Vauxhall Service Vehicle Soon message, is this an MOT failure or not?

Posted 1st Nov 2020
Hi, My Vauxhall Mokka CDT 2013 has the dreaded Service Vehicle Soon message on the dashboard. I'm getting close to the MOT date, does anyone know if this a pass or a fail on the MOT test. There is no engine warning light on. I have serviced the vehicle and the brakes prior to the test but but my bluetooth OBD reader and various apps wont diagnose the problem fault. I will be testing the glow plugs though as I know that can be at least one of the many issues this warning message is displayed for.

I have a Vauxcom/Op Com reader and cd but I dont think they work on the Vauxhall Mokkas beyond 2012.

Is there an MOT tester who can confirm the position regarding the MOT test and this dash warning message.
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