Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 TDCi - Low fuel pressure?

Found 16th Nov 2011
Our Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CTDi's (57) engine cuts out as it approaches the low fuel reading. Turning the engine off and on, or topping the fuel remedies the situation. Whats the problem? Low fuel pressure? Cheers, Steve.
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Air block?
Perhaps the gauge is incorrect to the actual fuel level?

If you turn it off and back on again how long does it go for before it happens again?
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Surely sounds like the fuel pump is on the way out?
Keep the vehicle at least half a tank full of fuel....sorted.

Keep the vehicle at least half a tank full of fuel....sorted.

I think that's the option I'm going to have to go for. Our old Megane had this exact problem, grr!
OP, well that's one way to murder the HP pump (if you're right about the pressure dropping)

Without reading wTPs link, I'd plug a Tech II into it and monitor the rail pressure on a run as a passenger but that's because I own one!

I had this with other HP pumps and it's been anything from blocked fuel filter to faulty in-tank pump to pressure regs. Don't swap out parts without a proper running diagnosis, not just a code scan.
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