Vauxhall Zafira Comfort 2.0 DTI


    Just wondered if anybody has one of these and could let me know any good reports/bad reports on this vehicle. I'm looking at buying one, a 2002 model, so would like peoples experiences (good or bad) or the opinion of anyone in the know.

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    My friend says hers aint too good on fuel

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    I didn't think it would be great on fuel so i'm looking at a diesel which hopefully wouldn't be too bad, is your friends a diesel?

    yeah shes got the one you mentioned in the title, do they do a 1.9 becasue they are normally more economical (dont know much bout vauxhall models) in mine (VW) the differance in engine gave an extra 7-10MPG!! i think she gets about 32 MPG combined and i get about 45 same kinda driving!!!

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    Ooohhh that's not good. I haven't seen a 1.9 model but the mpg is putting me off now, i didn't expect it to be brilliant with being a 7 seater but expected better. Thanks for your replies

    i had a 1.9 2001 comfort - really good. mine was ok on fuel - about 42 mpg - a lot depends how you drive - but that applies to any car. Id recommend it

    try looking here…ll/

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    Thanks, i've just had a look on there now and it seems to have good reviews & mainly recommended. The review seems to agree with the 42 mpg you received.
    Thank you

    Hi, i have a Vauxhall Zafira Elegance DTi and it has been the best car ever for the past 4yrs ive owned it! Great on fuel, much better than petrol ones as you mentioned and it is very comfy to drive or to be driven in. Brilliant car for motorways etc as good speed overtaking easily etc or country like myself. I use it every to do a round trip of 14 miles and it takes about £12 a week for this. This is it full of kids as i am a childminder and Mum of 3. Very spacious boot even with the seats up. Any questions welcomed.



    The car itself is fine. However, mine has had loads of electrical problems that have cost loads!

    How many workers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Well the one behind the dash - obviously loads - just cost me £200.

    Several similar things (like key not turning in the ignition) apparently thats a common one too!
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