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Found 6th Dec 2016

To cut a long story short... I got a Vax Hoover less than a year ago and I took the 2 years guarantee (which was free) anyway, in the last week both of the wheels have snapped off so I emailed Vax. They said if I forward proof of purchase they'll get back to me. Sent the proof then got this email asking for photos....

All you need to do is send us Three photos of your machine along with your contact details. We will order your replacement machine as soon as we receive this information.

Photo 1: Take a photo showing the complete front view of your machine.

Photo 2: Take a photo of the ratings label on the machine. You will find this white or silver sticker on the back or underside of the unit.

Photo 3: Peel the ratings label off the machine. Cut the ratings label in to 4 and take a photo of the cut up label. We should still be able to see all writing on the label.

For this process there is a small £3.99 admin fee charge to replace the machine

.... This seems an odd request (especially the photo of the label cut up) and to request £3.99 admin fee.
Is this me just being super cautious or is this a normal procedure?

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probably to stop you claiming more than once as you keep the machine. i didn't pay an admin charge however. perhaps that's new. i was asked for photo of fault us photo of serial number.
This is their normal procedure so old one label will no more valid for any warranty claim etc. Payment can be made by ringing to their helpline. Follow the procedure and sent them email with required photographs within 14 days. Remember to cut the label in 4 pieces with care so all information will be still readable.
Ok thanks, I've never heard of this before...even my other half said it was odd. Cheers guys
you use to have to print off a letter they email you or buy post then peel the label off and put it on the letter and send it too them .. I paid the £3.99 too
they introduced the admin charge about 2011 used to be that they just sent you a new one out but I guess that's changed now. to be fair £3.99 isn't bad for a new machine although I argued why should I pay for your machine failing on me serval times. In the end they sent me a different model which touch wood is gong strong 4 years later without issue. Some of their models are just really badly designed.
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