VAX Warranty replacment Issue

Posted 8th May 2019

I was offered a warranty replacement like for like. it seems like a downgrade and no other options where give, (they have said a replacement would be a like for like many times in chat and in emails)

A little back ground.
my VAX U85-ACLG-B stopped working in around year 4 but still under warranty (comes with 6 years). I contacted VAX with the online chat function on the VAX website. it turned out they offered me a warranty replacement.

They said it would be like for like and I was offered 2 options (1x cordless and 1x cord). I dismissed the cord vacuum right way as does not suite my needs.
So the one they offered me was the "VAX Blade 24v" so I rushed to VAX website ( click on Cordless Vacuum and this came up with 3 options 2x "Vax Blade 2" and 1x "VAX Blade 32v" (no "VAX blade 24v" shows on your website) so I was looking at the spec of the "VAX Blade 32v" (I did not know I was looking at the wrong machine "VAX Blade 32v" rather then the "VAX Blade 24v" that does not show on there website) the 1st thing I asked was this does not come with the LED light for dust (think they call this something like "Dust Tracker") that is on the my machine (VAX U85-ACLG-B as this was one of the selling points for me) so was not like for like to me. but turns out VAX sells a cordless vacuum on there website with this and it is called. "VAX blade 2" (1-2models up) has this function and on there website comes in at the same price as my machine £199.96 (My machine on the website show at a cost of £199.99 but was sold out) so I asked and was turned down and I even offered to pay the £20-30 difference in price from the "VAX Blade 32v" to upgrade it to the "VAX blade 2" and was still turned down.

The "VAX U85-ACLG-B" (my machine) comes with 2 battery's (30mins per battery) so I wile i was looking at the "VAX Blade 32v" has 45mins running time and was like OK I can give up 15mins of battery time and sins I was turned down for the "VAX Blade 2" (that to me had the same functions as my machine) I accepted this offer. At the time I copied and pasted the make a model from that chat I was in (as you can see my spelling is not great) so they ordered this up for me.

When I checked my email and thought I would look it up again and done a copy and past of the make a model this took to me to a hidden website on Vax website (I say hidden as it does not have a link to this machine from the home page) and it showed 35mins battery time at this point the penny dropped. I checked your website and cannot find any link to show the "VAX Blade 24v" machine. so I was right back on to chat function on the website an they conform it was the 24v and said as I accepted this order in the chat I cannot change it (by this point it may of been an hour or 2 sins I accepted it) long stony short they said they cannot help me as i accepted the offer on the 03/05/19 even tho i told them about the mistake and the website not showing the machine under "Cordless Vacuum Cleaners"

on the 04/05/19 i got an email from VAX saying
"I have arranged for a returns pack to be sent to you. So that we can replace the 24v Blade. Once this has been received please contact the courier service number which is provided for collection of your machine". thought ok they going to update me to atlest the "VAX blade 32v" and if i am lucky the "VAX blade 2". I asked what would the replacement be and got an email back on the 05/05/19 saying "Thank you for your e-mail, we will be replacing the machine with the same machine if not very similar" I did send them a follow up email informing them of the above

Today 08/05/19 I got an email saying it has now been shipped. (the "VAX blade 24v")

I have also emailed the CEO of the company on 03/05/19 but had not replay (i also BCC in the VAX helpdesk)

What the website shows when you click on Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (at time of this email) no option shows as "VAX Blade 24v" as you can see.

I am just wondering if i have any leg to stand on as it does not seem they have offered me like for like or a refund of the item worth (As i can return/reject the package).


Mackan09/05/2019 08:35
Got an update form VAX this morning from the email I sent to the CEO of VAX and looks like they have now Giving me the "New Vax Blade 2 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Toolkit" so looks like a win for me.

Email from VAX below.
"Thank you for your email to Mr Winterbottom which has been passed to myself to review and respond.

I apologise you have needed to contact us and our team was not able to resolve you questions raised. I appreciate the machines offer do not match your original product and that we have attempted to offer a best fit replacement.

I can see from your records the machine is out with our courier Yodel and I have requested this is stopped and returned to ourselves.

To resolve this matter and offer you replacement you can be satisfied with I have placed an order for our Blade2 32V Machine. You will shortly receive a confirmation followed by tracking details from our carrier once the parcel is released to them. If you have any queries in the meantime please do let me know, I trust this will offer you a satisfactory resolution to your query"
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