VB Code or ASP

    I want to show a map of the uk with points on the map with the branches at work, i then want to run a PING command against each branch and if sucessful show green and if failed show red.

    I'm trying to find a script example on google but cannot find one at the min, anybody know of one or use one?


    try virtual earth or google maps API's - javascriptyou can then do the pinging in you server-side ( code using the HTTP object, set a (hidden field value on the page, and then plot the results on the map client-side from that hidden field

    It should be easy.

    Getting an image into a VB project is no problem, nor is making pinpoints into objects that run code. The ping bit is easy enough. Just get each button to run "ping > bleh.txt" and, after five seconds, load the contents of bleh.txt into a textbox or label. You'll probably not find a code sample for the entire thing, but for each of the three functions, certainly.
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