Yes thats right - its my birthday. LLm will validate this information, as she stalked it out of me a few days back.

    Unfortunately I'm working, and even more unfortunately, I'm away from a computer all day - meaning my competition thread is on hold.

    If you love me, please note I am not accepting the usual birthday greetings - I'm afraid my iphone is broken and will only load up sites. So you'll have to drop your greetings off over there.

    If you don't love me - or, dare i say it - are a hater, then please - have a heart.

    It is my birthday after all - *SADFACE*

    Have a good day all!


    Original Poster Banned

    Please leave greetings here:…498

    Original Poster Banned


    Happy Birthday!

    TY! I'll let you off with that one cos I've not left yet. But I am now" Byeeeeee!!

    happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday... As it is your Birthday I will do you a comment

    Why don't you come up with a sob story to get votes on that comp? It works on the xfactor. I'd go with your cancer riddled puppy only has a few days to live (a trip to the vets would coincide with the end of the comp) and an ipad would be a great thing to get you through such an emotional time. Lots of sparkly pics of a pup would get you the congrats on 5678 posts crowd or even a kitten to get the caturday weirdos.

    happy birthday mate

    happy birthday left a comment on link

    Low even by your standards :thumbsup:


    if it actually is your birthday

    happy birthday brah

    if its not you have sold yourself out to a low for that comp! haha

    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Happy Birthday VB1 xx[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Happy Birthday. It's my daughter's 6th birthday today too, so happy birthday also to my gorgeous little girl!.xxx

    happy birthday!!! so how old does that make you now.


    happy birthday!!! so how old does that make you now.


    He's 25, yes it's his birthday (but it's somebodys more important tomorrow!)

    Happy Birthday VB1, hope you do come in one of the 4 places.....and for that nice comment i'm allowed to do the following lol....

    OR you could win £50 Next voucher in this thread by commenting for me!!…760


    LLM will have to get her puppies out again to compete with these low … LLM will have to get her puppies out again to compete with these low tactics

    Eff off lol :w00t:

    Original Poster Banned

    Currently sat queuing at Hindhead but cliffs:

    1) yes it's true
    2) 26
    3) baffledsalmon is a bummer


    happy birthday vb1
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