VB1: ITV1 - "Take me out" with the least funny one off of Phoenix Nights

    Oh sweet jesus christ.


    What have Saturday nights come to with this carp :w00t:

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    It's making ]Man o Man look intellectual.

    I wish someone would 'take you out'. (image?)

    ChavTV1 at it's finest

    Original Poster Banned


    I wish someone would 'take you out'. (image?)

    forcing me to watch this ****, is probably your best option then. I'm afraid I'm turning over now, do let me know if I miss anything....

    Its awful

    ha ha, i thought it was good! (i like paddy tho)

    I quite liked it!::p


    I quite liked it!::p

    lol - we must like chavtv!!!!! :?

    I thought it was absolutely woeful at best.

    Being forced to watch the dancing program wasn't the worst thing in the world, even X factor seems better than this crap.

    In fairness, it's all rubbish.


    the dancing thing with arlene et al was a copy of all the 'talent' telly out there no ?
    boring and formulaic Tv - and for a saturday night -?

    I rememebr they used to have decent stuff on on saturdays - but last night was awfull- I think they are trying to push DVD sales up or something or force us to go out and spend money to help the buisnesses through the credit chrunch ?
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