VB1: Vodafone Sure Signal - Anyone got one?

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Found 9th Mar 2010
Anyone got one of these?

They are very cool, however this is the second night running there has been an outage... and its not me - its down for everyone.

Just wondered if anyone else had one on here?


My boyfriend has one of these and he's been cursing it the past few nights.

Only seen them in companies/offices. Worked on a broadband line with one attached today. Nothing wrong with the ADSL so perhaps there are problems


Yes, and mine's been playing up for the last couple of days on and off. Its currently got the top light on solid, the 2nd light is flashing and the other 2 lights are off. Frustrating, but can't complain too much really cause it was free

Yep, when it works, it's brilliant. When it doesn't, which is getting more and more frequent, it's a pain! Even more annoying is when the unit locks up, but doesn't stop advertising itself to your mobile, which then causes the mobile to totally die.

Sent one back already - VF tech support were not particularly helpful, so just took it back to the shop to get a new one.

Tonights system wide outage is slowly coming back online apparently - mine's just sprang back into life.
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