VCR Player!

    Ok, i know its old technology, but my Mum wants one for christmas as she has loads of tapes and her player has stopped working.
    Argos have one for about £40.
    Not wanting too pay too much for something which is nearly obsolete.

    Would consider a VCR/DVD combi if there was a cheap enough one?
    There was a refurb on here not so long ago, but would like a new one if poss.




    My local Tesco Extra had one for around £31 this weekend, try there!

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    thanks, will do!

    try ebay? if you find one near you then you won't have to pay postage.

    otherwise try a large Tesco store (would be a bit more pricey in a Tesco extra I think)

    Also try RICHERSOUNDS - I have always had a good experience of them.

    Go to…BIS and scroll to the bottom of the page, where they have old stock. Click on the different models to see if they've got it in your area.

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    Thanks, richer sounds looks good for just VCR, no cheap combi's near me though. Will keep checking their site though.
    Thanks again

    markwills, Tesco Extra IS the name for the large Tesco stores, Tesco Express are the smaller ones (and I'm not sure that they sell electricals)

    ah ha! understood ;-)

    The £29 refurb VCR/DVD players with Dixons have now sold out...another place to look is Asda.

    asda is £31 too

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    asda is £31 too

    Is this a combi?!

    sorry a combi is around £55

    Alba Combi DVD/VCR is £47.73 delivered from eBuyer
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