VCR to DVD??

Found 30th Apr 2008

Is their anyway on burning VCR movies to DVD? I aint got a DVD-Recorder and was was wondering would it be possible to send the video via the VCR to my PC? So like this I can burn it on DVD with my PC!!

If I can will I require special VCR as its normal and what leads will I need?

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I think you need something like a tv tuner. You could play the videos through the software provided, record it and burn
Cheers, but aint there a cheaper way? I dont really want to pay alot of money!!!
I think with the 'tv card' it needs to have a composite or s-video imput to connect the two.
First, check that your graphics card got no video inputs. If it does you don't have to buy video capture card. If not, then you'll need to buy capture card (TV tuners with composite or S-Video inputs are usually the cheapest).
Then you'll need to learn the software (should come with the card normally), fight frame drops, sound sync problems, etc... In short - go get cheapest DVD recorders, you won't regret it. Unless you want to make video your hobby of course

I think with the 'tv card' it needs to have a composite or s-video imput … I think with the 'tv card' it needs to have a composite or s-video imput to connect the two.

I wouldnt have thought it would involve alot of messing around as I tranferred files from my camcoder via FireWire cable and thought it might be the same?
You can use a tv card.

All you need to do is attach the output ariel from the vcr to the tv card, retune the tv card to pick up the vcr channel and use capture software to record it. Usually the tv card has capture software included if not you can use something like Nero to do the same job.

Only problem you might have if the video is encrypted then you have to overcome that.
Cheers!! Its a home video so should be fine???

So get a TV Card? How much are they? Will it will if I connect aerial through that but instead the VCR?
You need an output from the VCR.

The ariel lead that goes from the VCR to the TV, instead of plugging in into the TV you plug it into the TV card.

As for price you need to have a shop around and read reviews. Costs can vary from £10 to £100 depends on how much you want to spend and what features you want.
If you can afford it, go for a card with hardware encoder as opposite to software one. It is more expensive though.
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