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Posted 15th Dec 2019
Hey guys, my brothers coming home from australia for Christmas soon. We didnt have Christmas last year as my mum was really ill so this year needs to be amazing.
I want to get some nice vegan things for him, hes always been a lover of cheese and bread and butter ironically. Just after some suggestions for some vegan alternatives?
I've exhausted the iceland range, just hope they're nice.
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My partner and I have done a vegan hamper for my best friend. It has Dr Pepper, Sprite, Free From sweets from Asda and Tesco, Pringles (salted as they’re vegan) etc...
So your brother is vegan and he lives in Australia where everything will kill you.. Ironic
Sainsburys are selling a violife vegan cheese board which i have in the fridge The tesco vegan cheeses are reallt good too - particularly the jalapeno and ‘cheddar’ one.

Iceland range always a winner like youve discoverer, and the asda vegan ‘popcorn chicken’ is amazing! M&S are also very good these days. Well done on being so thoughtful
Booja booja truffles are amazing, pricy though.
Hellman's Vegan Mayonnaise is really nice. If you want quick, microwaveable stuff, then Wicked meals are good (Tesco have them) with Gunpowder Channa Masala curry for instance.
Accidentally vegan is a great page to follow on Instagram…cte
Waitrose sell vegan Oreo cheesecake slices from The English Cheesecake Company
Sounds like you are willing to put in some effort so a great cook book called BOSH is awesome but Tesco also have some good recipes on their website.
An amazing pud, whether your vegan or not is a chocolate mouse, super easy and people think you've spent ages on it, you will need: Silken tofu - this is found in the main supermarkets and comes in a carton so normally in the Asian area, not fresh, it must be silken tofu as this has more water in it, dark chocolate (can be flavoured, orange is my fav but dark as it has no milk or you buy a vegan chocolate) this is all you need but you can add other things if you wanted like meringue (made from chickpea water, again easy to do just takes some time).
Method: melt chocolate in the normal way, open the Tofu and put this into a blender / bullet / electric hand whizzer, pour melted choc, onto the tofu, blitz together until smooth, pour into a nice glass, chill in fridge for at least 1 hour, EAT
I have tried this on a few people and carnivores, herbivores all the vores love it, have even done a dark choc and white choc layer and added biscuits but if he is a true vegan this all needs to be made with non-dairy.
I hope this helps and have a wonderful Christmas with the family.
Beetroot burgers are a good one to make
Sainsburys are doing vegan pigs in blankets this year and most people don't realize that vitalite is a vegan margarine. I've been eating it since I was a kid as it's one of the cheapest margarine's. I don't eat vegan cheese but I once bought waitrose's own when I was having a friend over and they said it was the best one they've ever had.
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Accidentally vegan is a great page to follow on Instagram Accidentally vegan is a great page to follow on Instagram

great page, lots of ideas on there
Check out loads of amazing ideas and gift ideas on there
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