got to do a buffet and one of them is a vegan it is a finger buffet so has anyone got any ideas what i can give them i am really stuck
    thanks tracey


    rice cakes, carrot sticks, crisps, fruit salad, cucumber sarnies, erm....tricky to think of anything without milk, eggs or meat!
    I could never be a vegan, too boring!

    Oh hang on....nuts! Nice selection of mixed nuts?

    Rice, corn, salads, fresh carrots chopped/grated, fruit salad, couscous...

    ... and some little paper plates / plastic spoons.

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    nut roast,
    you can also make loads of things with soya milk and flour,and quorn pieces, spagetti bolognaise with quorn chilli with quorn, nut roast burgers, sweet and sour with rice, avocado dip with celery, loads of sweet things i.e. salads, ffruit normal, baked potatoes with beans

    rabbit food.

    Congrats on your 2k diodorus! :-D

    Quorn can be made into sandwiches, you can buy diary free cheese etc at holland and barratt, pasta dishes, Vegetarian sausage rolls, pizza without cheese, vegetarian sausages, jacket potatoes, potato saalad. I'm sure its all vegan but just check the ingredients on the items people often miss thing like gelatine which isn't vegetarian or vegan. You will be suprised how much you can adapt from what you normally make

    Also check out indian food like bhaji's and samosa's


    Congrats on your 2k diodorus! :-D

    Thanks Seems a pity to change to 2k1 with this post

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    I dont think they will eat the fingers !

    I think Quorn contains egg! Not vegan, check the packet though.

    Yup, Quorn uses egg white as a binding agent so it's not vegan. Do a quick google for vegan recipes, you'll find loads that should keep them happy.

    Also be careful with some Indian food as Ghee may have been used in making them so that's out for vegans too.


    I think Quorn contains egg! Not vegan, check the packet though.

    you are right cetain types contain egg white

    You could try falafel - some ready made/ easy to make versions contain egg so you need to double check the ingredients list

    Check the checklists lots of products that contain milk products,a lot more stuff says Vegan on like for example Hovis bread. Not all bread is Vegan.
    Holland & Barratt have a few items that are Vegan as do most supermarkets if you don't have a really good health food shop by you.
    I'm Veggie btw but know all about Vegan.

    As mentioned above - QUORN IS NOT VEGAN

    Try Holland and Barretts, they do a lot of vegan stuff.

    ]Cauldron products(Can be bought in tesco/asda/holland and barretts etc

    ]Vegan foods, order online

    ]Vegan party food ideas

    ]More vegan party food ideas

    I suggest asking your friend, I would rather be asked (I am vegetarian, as are all of my family) than have you tearing your hair out

    Stuff like corn on the cob, baked potatoes are good because you can do them for everyone and your friend wont feel out of place. Try not to rely on salad stuff too much though (baked potatoes and corn on cob arent as bad as rabbit food!)

    Original Poster

    right i would like to say thank you for all you ideas i am sorted now thanks very much tracey
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