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    My friend is going to Vegas this week so was going to ask him to bring me a couple of electrical things back.. I want to make it as easy as possible, ideally with store reserve so he doesn't have to mess about, but I'm finding it hard to see what stores there are in Vegas.
    I want a psp slim in black, and an 80gb ipod classic in silver. I found that there is an EB games close by which have the psp on its own for $170. Ideally though I'd like to be able to get both things from the same place so it's less hassle for him..

    Any ideas appreciated, I was thinking of a store similar to our Currys or but dont' know that the American versions are.



    Probably get these in Walmart - one just off the strip top end near MGM hotel -cross over the road and a bus will take you there.
    Have loads of electrical goods and they sell everything and cheap .
    You can look on if you just type that into google .
    Don''t suppose he would bring me a wii remote too ? £15 in Walmart !!!

    This has a list of the shopping malls in LV - you can then go to each mall to see what retailers are there and maybe find one that suits you . . . remember to add sales tax to the price quoted. For example there is a GameStop at the Fashion Show mall (which is at the end of the Strip).…ls/

    Probably the Department Stores will also stock what you are looking for too.

    There's a Frys on Las Vegas Blvd. ]

    If your mate has any interest in anything Electronic, tell him to go there, he will love it, it's like an Aladdins cave.

    Went to Vegas in Agugust and ended up purchasing most of my items in the fashion show mall as their was a good selection of shops
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