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Just looking at @frogman 's list he did back in 2013 of vegetarian Unilever / Walls ice creams and thought it could do with a bit of an update 5 years on as everyone is indulging in ice creams and ice lollies with this gorgeous heatwave we are having at the moment and might not be aware what is and isn't vegetarian.
The list still stands but some have been deleted if you want to have a look.

Unilever Not Suitable List

You assume that ice cream and lollies are vegetarian but lots in fact contain calves rennet which you wouldn't really expect. I've gone through and I'm going to list those ice creams that ARE vegetarian. Please feel free to add if you find anymore popular ones.

Magnum - double chocolate, double raspberry, double caramel, double coconut
Cornetto honeycomb crunch
Calippo orange

99 flake cone, Dairy Milk swirl stick, Crunchie blast stick, Dairy milk buttons cone, Dream stick, Dairy milk caramel stick.
Oreo cookie sandwich, Oreo cone, Oreo cookie peanut butter sandwich

Fruit pastilles lolly, Watermelon, Blaster, Blackcurrant push up, Orange push up. Fab strawberry lolly, Fab Birthday Cake edition, Nobbly Bobbly, Del Monte 100% orange, Del Monte real Lemonade, Toffee Crumble, Marvellous Creations Jelly popping candy stick, R Whites lemonade lolly, Milkybar mini lolly

Mars bar, Snickers, Malteasers Teasers stick, Bounty bar, Galaxy Caramel stick

Franco's Ices
Mr Bubble lolly, Banana lolly, Tasty Orange Lolly, Lemonade refresher lolly, Cola lolly, Strawberry Split lolly, Apple Cider lolly

Ben & Jerrys
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Caramel Chew Chew, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup, Cookie Dough Wich, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Wich & Peanut Butter Cup Wich

Haagen Daas
Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate, Cookies, Cream & Pralines & Cream, Vannilla, Caramel and almond, White chocolate and almond and Salted caramel.

Kellys of Cornwall
Choc Brownie Salted Caramel, Honeycomb Crunch, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Clotted Cream

Not an exhaustive list but most of the popular / mainstream ice creams and lollies that are vegetarian.

Walls do do a Vegan Cornetto too but depends if you like the taste as its made with soya but is gluten free. Currently on offer in Tesco at £2 for a 4 pack

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Thank you, emribena! I'm so glad that you have brought this up to date... I must admit I am eating far less ice-cream than I used to but when I do I prefer the soy-based ice-creams such as Swedish Glace (Walls) & Alpro - they taste so good. Sometimes a little bit more expensive & usually on offer at one of the major supermarkets.
Great, thanks for this
Brilliant, very helpful
Swedish Glace ice cream is suitable for vegan consumption and is very, very nice. £2.50-ish in most supermarkets 👌👌👌
Great post - thank you!
Thank you!! Great list. I was actually emailing unilever to get a list of ice creams suitable for vegetarians only to be told they don't have a list!
"Vegan Ice-Cream Van To Tour UK This Summer - Giving Out Freebies"
(4 July 2018)

[…ies ]

"...The van will tour between July 31 and August 6, visiting Cardiff, Blackpool, Leeds, Brighton, and London among other places..."

Source: […ion ]

Last year's hand-out in London by PETA & "The Best Vegan Ice Creams in the UK"...

[…ms/ ]

Also see the Vegan Frozen Ice Cream selection at Ocado:

[…011 ]

A filter exists to narrow the selection by the following criteria:

Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Milk Free
Wheat Free
Soya Free
Oat Free
Yeast Free
Egg Free
Celery Free
Mustard Free
Nut Free
Peanut Free
Sesame Free
Shellfish Free
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tom17donlan2 h, 0 m ago

Swedish Glace ice cream is suitable for vegan consumption and is very, …Swedish Glace ice cream is suitable for vegan consumption and is very, very nice. £2.50-ish in most supermarkets 👌👌👌

You can't eat that on Saturday though, can you?
Useful, thanks
Nice OP.. Very helpful
34261995-y36bO.jpgthese are "accidentally" vegan, and yummy even with their chocolate chips 🤤
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