Posted 7th Sep 2016
For a number of years our go to quickie cheat meals have been Asda's dried Meat free soya offerings (chilli, bolognese, savoury mince etc).

However, Asda replaced these recently (partially) with Granose alternatives - but, the Granose range has been decimated leaving a very sparse selection.

Seems that in this 'niche' there only exists;

Beanfeast Bolognese
Granose Mince (generic plain - might as well use Quorn and cook from scratch)
Ganose sausage mix
Granose Falafel mix

So, what am I to do? Are there any other brands available?

Thanks for any suggestions!

* In my defense, I can and do cook from scratch most days - I just enjoy the convenience of this type of thing when I don't have the time or energy to do it.
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