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Found 7th Sep 2016
For a number of years our go to quickie cheat meals have been Asda's dried Meat free soya offerings (chilli, bolognese, savoury mince etc).

However, Asda replaced these recently (partially) with Granose alternatives - but, the Granose range has been decimated leaving a very sparse selection.

Seems that in this 'niche' there only exists;

Beanfeast Bolognese
Granose Mince (generic plain - might as well use Quorn and cook from scratch)
Ganose sausage mix
Granose Falafel mix

So, what am I to do? Are there any other brands available?

Thanks for any suggestions!

* In my defense, I can and do cook from scratch most days - I just enjoy the convenience of this type of thing when I don't have the time or energy to do it.
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A massive juicy steak lamb chops or roast chicken

Na only jokin sorry dont really have an answer being an avid meat eater although ive recently taken to cooking some vegetarian meals for us which im surprisingly liking so if u hve any good links would be appreciated

We dont like substitutes like soya tho just proper veggie meals…all (butternut squash)…as/ <- good for quick lunch pitta/wrap

Few there but a lot of our staples are in my head. Generally agree re soya, but, with time pressures etc these sachets are a great convenience to have in the back of the cupboard.
They have quite a good Quorn range at Aldi - including stuff they don't seem to sell elsewhere like Lincolnshire sausages and sausage rolls. I'm not sure about ready meals but it might
be worth a look.
Thanks for the reply. not really after these. We do use Quorn products here and there though.

I am specifically in the market for the dried sachets that are similar to Beanfeast. They are particularly useful to have as you can put them in the cupboard and forget until you need them. They make enough for 2-3 people and are relatively low calorie and they were also v inexpensive (Asda ones were about 75p until recently)

stinkybeard (butternut squash) <- good for quick lunch pitta/wrapFew there but a lot of our staples are in my head. Generally agree re soya, but, with time pressures etc these sachets are a great convenience to have in the back of the cupboard.

Thanks il check it out. Yeah we had quorn once never again was awful but i suppose itd be good for someone to get protein if theyre vegetarian but we eat meat too just nice to have a couple of meat free meals a week
I pick up original Bachelor's Beanfeast from Morrisons, the bolognaise variety. My lavish diet is also supplemented by the Fry's range from the freezer section - nuggets and snitzels. The best.

Hera Vegetarian Curry - whatever happened to that?
I don't recall seeing much in Tesco (the Artisan nut roasts and maybe a couple of the same Granose products at some point?). All the supermarkets have greatly expanded their frozen ranges of vegetarian stuff lately, I guess the dried stuff doesn't sell as well.

Even the health/vegetarian food specialist websites (e.g. Holland and Barrett, Alternative stores) don't seem to have much these days; you might just be out of luck.
What kind of food are you after?
About the only dried pre-made veggie food I've enjoyed are the falafel mixes.
Even then you can make it within about the same time using tinned chickpeas, an onion,a few spices/herbs and a blender.

Assuming freezer space isn't at a premium why not just bulk make food you enjoy and freeze it up?
Thanks for the replies. We do tend to freeze a few bits and use the slow cooker in the winter months. Also make falafels and also purchase the mixes..

My query really was fixed on the dried sachets as you can knock out a Spag bol, Chilli or cottage pie with zero effort. I am aware of the other things that are about in terms of frozen etc.. Just seems that the Mexican Chilli and Savoury Mince variants are gone and was hoping that there was another brand or supermarket offering in the same ilk that I had missed.

i've not heard of this product before but i make veg spag bol without the spaghetti (which i'm told is called ' ' because it has neither of the two main parts!). think it is similar to what you are after?

quorn mince
spag bol powder (schwarz)
tomato sauce (i use a bottle)
onions, cheese extras to taste

for someone who can cook from scratch, this probably is pretty easy and quick and can also go in the fridge for 2 days at least
Good call on the dry powder. Might be an alternative emergency product.

The good thing with the soya sachets - was that they contained dried veg as well (eg. chilli had peppers and kidney beans, savoury mince had carrots and peas). They were also pretty tasty.

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We are sorry to disappoint you but Batchelors Beanfeast Bolognese is the … We are sorry to disappoint you but Batchelors Beanfeast Bolognese is the only flavour that we now manufacture, the others have unfortunately been discontinued.

RIP Mexican Chilli and Savoury Mince, you will both be sadly missed.
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