Vegetarian Green Pesto Sauce for Cooking

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The only green Vegetarian pesto sauce is produced by Scala and is quite expensive at £2.7 a bottle.

Anyone know of any cheaper alternatives (apart from DIY)
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veterinarian woof
Why are you against making it yourself?
Vegetarian hard cheese then its just nuts of your choice, olive oil, garlic and basil (or herb(s) of your choice). Pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
Even with a mortar and pestle it only takes a few minutes to make.

Failing that the fresh pesto in most supermarkets is veggie, just check the label first.

Honestly the jarred stuff is horrid so do yourself a favour and either make it yourself or buy the fresh pots.

If you want it for the shelf life just freeze the fresh stuff in an ice cube tray, sure there is a thin layer of oil on the top to stop it changing colour.
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Pesto is very easy to make! But the cost of ingredients will be more then £2.50 jar from Waitrose! (£2 in Asda at the moment)
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