Vegetarian meal ideas, please HELP

    We are having some friends round on friday for dinner, We are all having stew as i have got some steak to use up, just found out our friend is bringing his wife and she is vegetarian. I have no idea where to start so was hoping that some kind hukd's could help me with a tasty recipy. Rep waiting


    Wafer thin ham?

    You can buy some quorn mince and make the same - just quorn instead of steak in the vegetarian one. Make sure any stock you put in the veg one isn't meat derived as well.

    Make up a stew but before you add the meat keep some aside and put Quorn peices in.

    I agree with pp. Just use quorn its really quite nice. We eat it quite a lot.

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    good idea, good thinking everyone

    We can't use Quorn as my daughters allergic to eggs so she can't eat it. But its just as easy to keep the mix without the meat and add some precooked kidney beans, butter beans or lentils (from a can or box from Sainsburys etc) and make a bean casserole.

    jam sandwich for the veggie and steaks for the rest

    If we are what we eat, then surely that goes for cows too, therefore when I eat beef am I not really eating grass, thus making me a vegitarian?


    doesn't the grass eat/absorb the cowpats :whistling:

    I'll never be able to look at another steak again:w00t:

    and what about all the vegitables growing in soil that is fertilized that way!

    a vege lasagne is always nice just swap the mince for corgettes, mushrooms, peppers etc

    You could make a quiche or tartlet or something that can go with the veggies and potatoes you will be doing anyway - make it somehting that can fit in with the extras so the veggie doesn't feel too awkward.

    Or go on ebay and get a vege curry kit lol. Does the trick when i have to entertain vege guests. Will only be a couple of quid

    :thumbsup:holland and barrett do beef style chunks make stew as normal then just add these, also morrisons do there own meat style chunks


    what a pain, just give her the rest of the dinner minus the steak

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    Some good idea's , i new you lot were the ones to ask
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