'Vegetarian' Rwntree/Hartleysrte Jelly Strawberry 125G @ Tesco

Found 7th Jul 2010
Well, they're not vegetarian despite having the big green V on the product page -
they contain carmine for the red colour which is CRUSHED INSECTS!

They refunded me yesterday morning but the V is still there.

Just a head's up...
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It's fair play - as the old urban myth says, bread's protien content comes from the bugs caught and mashed up during the milling process of the flour. Insects get in the way of everything they do, so I imagine there must be a threshold before the volume of dead insect in the product becomes too great for something to be considered a vegetarian product.
They can never refund the fact that you have now eaten meat though.

Welcome to the good side!
I am pretty sure carmine red is artificial now - they just kept the name. So yeah, you conned 'em
Food Red 7, CI 16255, Cochineal Red A

Synthetic azo dye. See here for a background on azo dyes.

Function & characteristics:
Red food colour. Very soluble in water.

Many products.

Daily intake:
Up to 4 mg/kg body weight.

Side effects:
Since it is an azo dye, it may elicit intolerance in people intolerant to salicylates. Additionally, it is a histamine liberator, and may intensify symptoms of asthma. In combination with benzoates, it is also implicated in hyperactivity in children.

Dietary restrictions:
None; E124 can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.

As you know, we've been campaigning for some time on the issue of harmful additives in children's food products.

Read more: webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:hVTkRZ3j5vgJ:netmums.com/foo…=uk
Netmums - the local parenting network

Hartley's Quickset Strawberry Jelly - Premier Foods
Ponceau 4R (E124)

If you're right 'alternate' then why don't Hartley's put 'suitable for vegetarians' on them like they do with their other products?

So yeah, I'm pretty sure Tesco conned ME. (I'm joking 'alternate' - unlike you I don't base my assertions on a hunch).
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